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Clean India Awards: Chemicals

iCapsol RM 768, Karcher Cleaning Systems Ltd

Ideal for maintenance, cleaning of textile floor coverings, the carpet cleaner iCapsol RM 768 replaces completely the Disc-Shampoo RM 768, offers very fast drying – very quickly possible to be re-walked. The briefest drying time (as from 20min) for quick re-use of carpet could be possible owing to the new encapsulation technology. With the use of Carpet Cleaner iCapsol RM 768 as deep cleaner the cleaning interval of the maintenance cleaning is extended for the three-fold.

Sunil Kapoor counts, “This deteregent is based on latest technology and makes carpets clean, dry and ready to walk just in 20mins. This replaces shampoo technology thus more friendly to carpets. With deeper cleaning and much effective for the carpets,easy collection of granulated detergent ensuring detergent does not remain in the carpet after cleaning.”

iVe-vette Carpet Cleaning Powder, Surfactants & Allied Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Made with natural ingredients and proprietary fragrance, Ve-vette eco friendly carpet cleaning powder is made with natural ingredients and proprietary fragrance. Using this product,carpets in Star Hotels or other high profile institutions can be cleaned and made ready to use almost instantly, saving the drying time of 8 to 10 hours for a wet cleaning process. This enhances the preparedness of the housekeeping department for any VIP visit or emergency meetings.

Scoring Features
• Easy to use – one needs to just sprinkle Ve-vette on to the carpets and clean using soft brushes both clockwise and anti clockwise. This removes all the dirt and dust particles and the fibres of the carpet get a pleasant fragrance.
• The ingredients are from natural sources and do not pollute the soil or water sources when washed away.
• Economically priced owing to its time saving and labour saving utility

Prabhakar, Managing Director, Surfactants and Allied Chemicals avers, “There is no competitor; we are the only manufacturer in India. The shampoo that is being practiced takes around six hours to dry while this takes only half-an-hour which is essential for offices/hotel for MICE activities. It doesn’t need harmful chemicals and can be used by bare hands. It is 100% biodegradable, ecofriendly and neutral product.”

Trends SLR, Altret Performance Chemicals Gujarat Pvt Ltd

SLR is versatile, high performance product that provides unique combination of excellent detergency, rapid wetting, to remove mineral deposits, hard water stains and fast collapsing form for good rinsability.
Scoring Features
• Having Silica, Sulphate minerals dissolving agent (fluorinated compound) combined with high action wetting agent, cleaning agent in viscous form in present of organic acid and corrosion inhibitor.
• Take away silicate and sluphate deposit.
• Remove other insoluble deposit such Calcium, Magnesium carbonate and iron (rust) based deposit. The corrosion inhibitor provides protection of corrosion on bare metal. The powerful wetting and penetrating agent in SLR help to complete function by reducing the surface tension and contact angle of individual spray droplets.
• No environmental classification is proposed since no (adverse) effects have been observed in the eco-toxicological testing.
• TRENDS SLR does not contain Phenolic Compound, Arsenic, Mercury, Cyanide, Lead, and Chromium. TRENDS SLR Free from NPE, APE, OPE, DBSA and D’Limonene. As the LD 50 value of the product is greater than 5.00 ml/kg. It can be concluded that the product TRENDS SLR is safer for the environment.
• Dilution: TRENDS SLR 1:25 For General Applications.

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