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Clean India Awards: Best New Product Launch

Battery Operated Servokeeper Guest Room Trolley Model SPL 17, Charnock

The trolley has instant stop start control, with a runtime of 3 hours equal to 10 miles of travel between charges.The battery meter displays the charge level of the battery; when fully charged, all meter lights are illuminated Features Main Control On / Off Key Machine Off Isolator Button Forward Switch Reverse Switch
Scoring Features
– Very adaptable to Indian conditions
– Dcreases Manpower dependency
– Are illuminated Features Main Control On / Off Key Machine Off Isolator Button Forward Switch Reverse Switch.
– can be operated with only one man power, hence manpower cost can be saved

Vivek Mata, Managing Director, Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd avers, “ Being nominated in the best new product launch category is a new experience for us, since awards are novel for the cleaning industry at least in India. We are waiting with anticipation for the awards day hoping that we win. The CIA is good move towards recognizing the evolution and transformation of the cleaning industry by acknowledging the effort and achievement of the players in the industry. Primarily these are housekeeping trolleys. They are called as guestroom trolleys or chambermaid trolleys. They are widely useful for hospitality sector and in specialty hospitals. The main strength of the product lies in the strong and sturdy structofoam build that allows it to have a life cycle of 10 to 15 years. Proper customization of the product enables it to work in perfect sync with the sector it is deployed in, making it an ideal choice.”

BR 35/12 C, Karcher

It has never been easier to manoeuvre around obstacles when cleaning. With one turn of the steering wheel. No need to shift the weight, no pushing or pulling, no wasted energy. The new BR 35/12 C with KART – Kärcher Advanced Response Technology – has turned cleaning into driving pleasure. With its car-like steering and light weight, the BR 35/12 C is an extremely agile and mobile machine. The roller brush head, which can pivot 200° in both directions, reaches wall and border in every nook and corner. It‘s time to take the wheel.

Scoring Features
• Advance Response Technology.
• Car like steering – Easy to hadle with operators comfort and delight.
• Light weight.
• Agine and mobile.
• Roller brush pivits
• Convenienty cleans right upto the edges & corners : Roller brush head pivoting 200 degrees in both directions.
• Pre-sweeping function.
• Light battery.
• Quick charging time.
• Display for all actions.
• Eco efficiency.
• Intelligent utilization of resources.

Sunil Kapoor says, “This is latest innovation from Karcher. This also is award winning machine and your magazine has also featured this machine mentioning about the award CMS Purus 2013.”

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