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In today’s image conscious marketplace, the way a company presents itself in public, say a lot to potential customers about how it runs its business.

For fleet owners, how their vehicles’ appearance should especially be important because most vehicles have the company logos or images of the product displayed on the oversize vehicles. When these vehicles are out in public, they become travelling billboards, representing companies and products. The public see the vehicles and the logos everyday. If a vehicle is dirty, the company may not only be robbing itself of positive advertising, but it could possibly be sending the wrong message to potential or current customers….”

For companies which plainly understand ‘a clean fleet is a clean image’, however, the problem arises on how to achieve that goal economically.

The most common washing systems for large vehicles are;

  • by hand with bucket and broom;
  • by pressure washer with one of the many good systems in the market;
  • or with a totally mechanized system such a three brush rollover portal.

As in everything, every system has its pros and cons. Hand washing is labour intensive, tiring, and very slow. Power washing is ideal in many circumstances and a power washer is an indispensable tool in many wash bays. It is perfect for washing undercarriages and for prewashing vehicles, but it is not the right tool to wash large areas (such as a trailer or coach bus), quickly and economically. It uses enormous amounts of water and detergent and does not provide the benefits of friction washing which is necessary for a high quality job.

A rollover system requires a huge investment, and takes up a lot of space, usually even a whole building. Rollovers often use sophisticated sensors and positioning devices which are very high maintenance. So, for a good friction wash, how to achieve the benefits of a fast and efficient wash, has often been an elusive goal.

The Bitimec Speedy Wash line is simple, compact, inexpensive and cost effective power-brush Wash System every bus and truck company can afford. Speedy Wash machines allow companies to perform consistent, inexpensive, high quality washes every time, on whichever type of large vehicle they operate, without needing a whole team of people, or the heavy investment in buildings, equipment or valuable floor space required by other mechanized systems. Compared to washing by hand, the Speedy Wash line provides immediate savings in time and money by performing fast and economical washing. A single operator guides the self-powered Speedy Wash machine around a vehicle. Detergent and water are applied by stainless nozzle tubes on each side of the single power-brush. The brush does the washing, rotating at 100rpm. The savings in water and chemicals are impressive and one person can soap, wash and rinse a 53’ trailer, a full size coach, or a transit bus in an average of seven minutes and can do so tirelessly, all day long.

Speedy Wash machines are available in multiple versions to fit every specific need. The basic electric version comes with a trolley-line system to keep the electric cord and water hose out of the way. Plus, Bitimec invented a versatile line of totally autonomous models which can be driven by petrol, diesel, or 24Volt battery power. Another model is for washing bullet train on the go. Speedy Wash line is sold in five continents through over 30 distributors. Bitimec is looking at distributions to market it machine in India.

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