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Clax Advanced-High Efficiency Laundry Program

Using 43% less energy and 45% less water, the Clax Advanced-High Efficiency Laundry Program has helped premier customers around the globe to improve their laundry productivity by 33%.

The CLAX® Advanced (High Efficiency Laundry Program) from Diversey has helped many premium hotel brands deliver superior linen, for their luxury accommodations. It delivers cleaner, whiter linens on the very first wash with less wear on the fabrics. CLAX Advanced is a total fabric care solution, pairing power-washing technology with precision dosing, formulated to deliver excellent results at low water temperatures.

The cleaning results with the CLAX Advanced program have been validated through studies that conform to the international standards of the Dry cleaning and Laundry Institute International (formerly the International Fabricare Institute and the German-based WFK Cleaning Technology Research Institute). Those tests prove that innovative CLAX Advanced program delivers:

  • complete soil removal
  • excellent whiteness, with average scores of more than 102% based on CIE standards
  • rewash rates below 5% for room

The CLAX Advanced program enables on-premise laundries to reduce their operating costs, improve worker productivity, and save on water, energy, and wastewater treatment. When comparing conventional products against CLAX Advanced to launder linens from several five-star hotels, CLAX Advanced:

  • saved up to 43% on energy and extended linen life by 40% due to low temperature washing;
  • cut water consumption up to 45% and reduced effluent by as much as 43% by demanding fewer rinse cycles; and,
  • improved worker productivity up to 33% due to shorter wash processes

The CLAX Advanced program gives customers a detailed, side-by-side comparison between Diversey’s CLAX line and conventional laundry processes. Using data from a customer’s specific operations, Diversey consults with customers to tailor a product portfolio that delivers superior cleaning and operational results. With CLAX Advanced, water and energy savings, and productivity improvements, are well documented.




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