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Citizens Initiative against mosquitoes

The rainy season brings with it a deluge of mosquito related diseases like Malaria and Dengue in Mumbai. Despite the best efforts by the civic authorities, number of people die of monsoon related infections.

Over the last four years, Pest Control (India) Pvt Ltd, as a part of its CSR policy has been taking a leading part in spreading awareness on measures to prevent mosquito breeding within and around the residences, among the citizens through ALMs (Advanced Locality Management) and Residents Associations in different areas in Mumbai.

The awareness programme revolves around the different types of mosquitoes, diseases that each one is responsible for, their behaviour, breeding spots, solutions to eliminate breeding spots and a building-to-building inspection. Some wrong notions that PCI hopes to dispel are:

  • Mosquitoes breed in garbage-Mosquitoes breed in clean & dirty water also
  • Mosquitoes do not breed in a small quantity of water-Mosquito larvae need very small quantities of water to breed.
  • Mosquitoes breed only in dirty gutter water-Mosquitoes also breed in clean stagnant water.
  • There is one species that carries the malaria and dengue virus-Three different species of mosquitoes are responsible for different diseases.

This year the PCI campaign started with the initiative of Anandini Thakoor, Chairperson, Khar Residents’ Association, in conducting the CIAM campaign in Khar area. By taking up 45-50 buildings every weekend, around 400 buildings were covered. PCI’s campaign has covered residential areas in Andheri East, Juhu Vile Parle, Borivili, Chembur, King Circle, Sion, Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai.

Rentokil wins ‘Innovation Award’

Rentokil has won a Best Business Award for Best Innovation in the Private Sector for its groundbreaking pest heat treatment – Entotherm. Entotherm is a new, chemical-free pest control process launched this year in March following three years of research and extensive testing resulting from a successful collaboration between Rentokil and Revival Environmental. Entotherm heat treatment eliminates insects, mould and pathogens through the application of dry heat.

Eco-friendly insect repellent

The Pest Ecotube is an eco-friendly insect repellent from Dacar Innovations, USA, which uses natural fabric and natural herbs. Ecotube can be placed under sinks, inside cabinets, on countertops, behind pantry doors, windowsills, behind entry doors and inside boxes while moving or in storage. The insect repellant contains five natural herbs and essential oils like catnip, cloves, bay leaves and other natural ingredients. These ingredients are placed inside the Pest Ecotube to create a barrier that will repel roaches, spiders and ants from entering unwanted areas for six months and leaves the place with a pleasant herbal scent.

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