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Citizen forum formed for maintaining cleanliness

The municipal councilors, social organizations and academicians of Patna have formed the Patna Citizens Forum (PCF) to create consciousness among the people on the need for urban sustainability by having proper hygienic facilities and clean periphery.

Coining a new slogan ‘clean city, participative city, resilient city and live-able city,’ the PCF has vowed to wake up the perennially “sleeping” civic body through its pro-people and pro-sustainability campaigns. Nidan, an NGO, held a discussion on the issue of ‘Degrading Waste Management: Role of Key Actors’.

According to a spokesman of Nidan, the PCF would chart out strategies to implement various ways and means for maintaining cleanliness, maintaining river ecology, hygiene and waste management. PCF would also launch community-based programmes for maintaining a clean city.


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