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CIRI-ISSA clean standard

The objective of the ISSA – CIRI research and development programme for a “Clean Standard for K-12 Schools” is to scientifically determine and measure the cleanliness of school interiors, both surfaces and airborne environments, for the purpose of promoting improved indoor environmental quality for schools nationwide. In this way, the ISSA and CIRI research will validate not only the measurement techniques to evaluate what is “clean” versus soiled, healthy versus unhealthy; but also to permit a realistic and reliable measure of the importance and effectiveness of high performance cleaning products, methods and systems.

As a special, opening presentation at CIRI’s Green Cleaning and Science symposium this April, the keynote speaker Dr. Richard Shaughnessy is presenting a summary and results of the work to date on a Clean Standard for Schools. Dr. Shaughnessy is the director of indoor air quality research at the University of Tulsa (Okla.).

In June 2008 ISSA and CIRI agreed to collaborate on the development of a Clean Standard for K-12 Schools with the goal of supporting and promoting cleaner, healthier and superior indoor environments in schools across the country. With this in mind, ISSA and CIRI developed and are now implementing, a fully operational plan which includes world class research on clean measurements indoors.

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