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The Conference on Water Management & Technology organised by CII at Mumbai, where Clean India Journal was the official media partner, stressed on the need for efficient usage and recycling of water.

Malini Shankar, Principal Secretary – Water Supply and Sanitation, Government of Maharashtra, said, “Water is a minimum human need and needs to be managed in collaboration with an affordable business model in a decentralised mode where renewal and recycling are paramount.” She focused on methods of reduction in usage, where merely flushing a toilet accounts for between 7 to 10 litres of potable water. Citing the example of how Chandrapur Power plant was shut down due to water shortage and the diversion of treated sewage water to the plant resulted in it being operational again as a workable model of lateral thinking.

Another area that all speakers advised looking at in conjunction was sanitation as this is an inter-dependent sector which has high water usage and dependency. Bruce Linton, President and CEO, Clearford Industries Inc, Canada, was emphatic that sewage and solid waste needed to be treated on site and decentralised to achieve the best results.

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