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Choosing the right floor cleaner

How to clean marbles and select cleaning floor pads? Is there any eco friendly solution for this? How frequently do we need to maintain clean polish of the floor?

It is best to use a neutral floor cleaner to clean polished marble. Cleaners that are alkaline tend to reduce the polish and should, therefore, be avoided. Use a red or white cleaning pad as the black and blue/green pads are coarse and not suitable for a polished marble floor. Frequency of re-polishing depends on the footfall in the area. Generally lobbies get the most amount of footfall and hence this necessitates re-polishing more frequently than rooms and passages. It is a good idea to install an entry way matting system to minimize the tracking in of sand and dirt under shoes. On a regular basis, you can use liquid crystallizer and when required you can use diamond pads followed by marble polishing powder.

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Choosing the right floor cleaner
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