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Dryers are no longer bulky laundry machines but sophisticated equipment that have redefined the user interface. Consumers are choosing models that rely on sensors and advanced technology. What may seem like an expensive investment initially, the convenience and energy efficiency over the years ensure that it was a wise choice.

There are two types of dryers – vented dryers and condensation dryers, available in the market. Though vented dryers are cheaper as compared to condensation dryers, they need ducting to release the air and moisture outside. In a condensation dryer, the moisture is collected inside a tank in the appliance so that they can be placed anywhere without the need for extra ducting.

Here’s what one should look out for before investing in a dryer:

Size and capacity: Make sure that it can handle the volume of clothes coming from your washer. The capacity of your dryer should be equal or more than that of your washer so that it can handle a full wash-load in one go.

Moisture sensor: Over-drying can damage or shrink fabrics. Most dryers in the market will continue to heat your clothes even if they are dry already as long you let them run, wasting energy. Opt for the newer ones, which have a moisture sensor that stops drying once the fabric is dry to avoid damage to your clothes as well as wasting energy.

Drying programs for different textiles: Choose a dryer with the right features. If you are likely to wash cottons, synthetics, woolens, towels and various other fabrics, make sure that your dryer has the option to dry these fabrics perfectly.

Energy efficiency: Dryers with sensors are the most energy efficient making them a preferred choice and paying off their higher price through the energy you save.

Cool down cycle: Your dryer should have a cool down cycle. This helps to reduce wrinkles by periodically moving them around after the drying process is complete.

Dirk Dedekind
Marketing Head
Bosch Home Appliances

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