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Chemistry of Chemicals in Cleaning

Cost Factor

Cost is a governing factor, especially for the building service contractors, who are one of the largest consumers of cleaning products, volume-wise. “The BSC segment is a sunshine industry but has a long way to go in terms of right products and trained manpower. We at Betco and Klinox, see a big opportunity to work hand-in-hand with BSCs by providing them the required programs and the right products to facilitate their customers or the facility in the right way.” This will also bring down the costs, as the right product can give BSCs the required or better cleaning results in a lesser processing time. What is achieved in mopping three times, can be achieved in two-time cleaning.

Quality Cleaning

It is important to use the right amount of chemicals for the right results. “There is always a risk of disproportion while mixing and the more the dilution, the more we are compromising on the quality. It is necessary to have the right concentration with perfect dilution ratio for better results and good chemistry. At Betco, we provide good no-touch dispensing systems to BSC customers. This auto-dosing system releases chemicals as per selected dilution for a particular application.”

Free Audit

In order to ensure that the chemicals are meeting the requirements of the end user, be it in the pharma, hospitality or healthcare sectors, “our official conducts an audit of the premises where the chemicals have to be used. In consultation with the facility manager and the end user, the chemicals are recommended to the BSC. This is followed by a training session at the premises. We also perform free audits every month to ascertain that the desired results are being met. This works two ways, as auditing gives the facility head the confidence that the facility is being maintained and we are able to assess our line of chemical treatment and the programme.” There are 12 such professionals doing audits and the number is likely to go up to 25 by the year end.

Certified products

Segments like healthcare and pharma require certified products. “People are still awakening to disinfectants or the parameters to allow a disinfectant into a healthcare facility. Any disinfectant for that matter have VOCs, which in turn could become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In a healthcare facility, it is important to choose the right products. Betco disinfectants are EPA registered and the VOCs are very much under control and give the right efficacy in a healthcare facility. Our sanitizers are FDA approved too and at the same time we have ETP meters to test how the disinfectants work. It is a fool-proof system.”


Most of the chemicals products available today have been in the market for over two decades. “Cleaning needs have changed drastically and so has the need for better chemicals. Betco product line is much more dynamic and has evolved with changing cleaning needs. Further, it is not necessary that a product line successfully used on a particular premise will yield the same results in other premises. A good mix of chemicals is required in keeping with the cleaning needs of every premise. Moreover, what works today has to be review and probably further customized few months down the line to meet the required results. This is where our auditing comes into picture.

“Thus, with new products, better chemistry and dynamic R&D, we believe in offering the right cleaning solution with the right programme and knowledge to meet the cleaning needs. In 2015-16, we are focusing on penetrating the south zone and will focus on different industrial segments, healthcare, BSCs and education facilities.”

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