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Chemistry of Chemicals in Cleaning


“We at Betco and Klinox, see a big opportunity to work hand-in-hand with BSCs by providing them the required programs and the right products to facilitate their customers or the facility in the right way.”

“There is a huge gap between what is required and what is being supplied in the market, especially when it comes to important sectors like pharma and healthcare. We have brought in specific chemicals to meet the requirement of industrial segments and BSCs,” says Hiren Modi, MD of Klinox Marketing, Surat.

An established player for cleaning chemicals in the Gujarat market since 2010, Klinox Marketing is now expanding into other parts of India with innovative products from Betco Corporation. “Betco is an old name in the US market manufacturing over 3000 chemicals for various industrial applications. We have picked up select products to supply in India in keeping with the requirement of the institutional market needs. We focus on the products’ costeffectiveness, specific applications and quality delivery standards,” explains Hiren Modi.

“Initially, we spent over a year studying Betco products in the Indian sanitation and disinfection fields, before we began supplying in 2013. It has been a steady growth with Klinox registering over 50% annual growth.”

Klinox, which has been in operations for a long time, has a strong backing of chemicals knowledge, distributor networking and marketing standards. “We began dealing with chemicals way back in 1997, when I took over as the CEO of the company. Thus, we deeply understand the needs of the customer and the supply-service channel which is key to marketing. We are also well-versed with parent supplier-distributor and distributor customer relationship which has been one of our successes in retaining the same supply chain over the last two decades.”

Product Quality

Commonly in the cleaning process, surface comes first, then the tool used for cleaning and then the cleaning chemical. “Chemicals should be rinse-free or rinse-able; in the sense that it can be removed with water; it does not leave streaks behind or it is bio-degradable. In short, it should not damage the surface under any circumstances.”

A good cleaning chemical should have three key qualities: good emulsification, dispersion and suspension properties. “By good emulsification, I mean the chemical should be able to pick up the dirt from the surface and put it into the media (water), keep the dirt in the water in a dispersed form, and keep it suspended so that it does not get redeposited on to the tool or the surface.”

Many users are not aware of this requirement, ending up making wrong choice of chemicals and cleaning processes. “If the product has these properties incorporated into them, we are working smart rather than hard. For example, if one is mopping with water which has the right chemical dosed, once the mop is submerged into the water after running it on the floor once, over 90% of the muck should get dispensed into the water and the mop should come out dirt free. This not only saves a lot of time but the user too enjoys the job.

“Thus, the chemistry we are working with at Klinox propagates smart work, user friendly processes and sustainable results.”

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