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[box type=”shadow” ]The role of housekeeping and its contribution in the making of a clean and livable environment add to the bottom line in any given premise. In a brief interview, Vaishali Sinha, Director Housekeeping, Meluha The Fern, talks about the need for right and cost effective cleaning solutions that not only provide quality results but also protects property erosion and damage.[/box]


Vaishali Sinha

What has been your experience with different cleaning chemicals and brands?

As far as Meluha The Fern and Rodas, an Ecotel Hotel are concerned, we have always preferred ecofriendly chemicals. Previously, we were using chemicals that were not up to the mark, as the quality was low and consumption levels were high. Considering the cost effectiveness and functional efficiency we then started using Buzil-Rossari. Since this product is ecofriendly and does not contain substances that are classified as persistent and toxic, it meets our requirement.

Chemicals is one of the most expensive consumables when it comes to cleaning. How do you budget for it in terms of quality versus costs?

Yes, chemicals is an expensive consumable but at the same time, it could prove to be productive as it plays an important role in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness standards of the hotel.

Been associated with the hospitality industry for over 18 years now, I think budgeting is one of the main planning activities to ensure cost and quality match the requirement. Cost plays an important role while quality too is essential and cannot be compromised with. The budgeted amount is kept in mind and then accordingly negotiated with the vendor.

How do you choose your chemicals for cleaning & laundry and ensure optimum results?

Following points are considered while selecting Housekeeping and Laundry chemicals:

  • Water Hardness Test that is applicable for both Housekeeping and Laundry.
  • Type of flooring and surface like Marble,Granite, Wood, etc., for Housekeeping chemicals.
  • Type and quality of linen for laundry.

We ensure optimum results by following the SOPs and conduct Product Training for the staff on a quarterly basis. This helps in proper handling of the product and in maintaining minimum wastage of resources.

How have vendors contributed to your implementing a cleaning regime for the hotel premises?

Vendors conduct Monthly Training Program and give details about particular products and its applications. This training program helps the staff in learning and gathering all the knowledge required about the product in use. Wall charts, stickers, literature and live demo are the different ways used to conduct these training programs.

Your take

A professional and well-run Housekeeping department is key to successful hotel operation. Cleanliness is important for many reasons as it has an impact on guests as well as in keeping long term maintenance cost down. Cleanliness, Safety and Security are three of the highest requirements in the Hospitality Industry.

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