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Charnock’s Elite-Silent makes for a versatile cleaning

Charnock has launched Elite-Silent, a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction. It washes, brushes and dries a stripe of 50 cm of carpet, moving forward, cleaning up to 500 sq. meters in one hour. Its three stage high-water lift vacuum system allows to recover the maximum quantity of dirt from carpet and to get a shortest drying time.

Elite-Silent is a very silent machine, since it works with 60 Decibels only. It is possible to adjust the brush and vacuum head pressure, according to the type of carpet. The water-flow can be regulated, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning. Elite-Silent can be supplied with the instant hot water unit HT1800. If equipped with the patented Smartkit system, it is possible to perform automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spraying and rinsing. The optional squeegee SQ720E allows to clean hard floor. An extra brush, specific for hard floor cleaning, is also available.

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