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Charnock to introduce Mopatex’s Mopping Sytems

After recent tie-up with Spain based Mopatex, Charnock Equipments is launching a new range of mopping systems that are made from a blend of the finestc. These mopping systems will be available in different colour codes in accordance with their applications.

Polishing Mops– The dual pattern of these polishing mops enables the mops to be used for dry mopping of the floors as well as for polishing of wooden and hard floors (granite, marble etc). These mops could be used for cleaning of floors and maintaining the same.

Microfibre Kentucky Mops– Wet mopping is more often done with the help of cotton kentucky mops that become heavy on getting wet and leave lint on the flooring and require extensive cleaning further. The new Microfibre Kentucky Mops eliminate such problems by capturing the dirt on the floor instead of displacing it. The mops are colour coded and will be available in white, red, yellow, green and blue colours. This would further help in reducing cross contamination too.

Microfibre Flat Mops– In addition to the above Charnock Would be also be introducing a new range of flat mops. These would include the conventional collapsible micro fibre mop which would be compatible to be used with all mop press wringers of mop wringer trolleys. The second option would be that of a butterfly mop. A butterfly mop essentially is a flat mop with slip-on insert. Lastly, there would be microfibre flat mops with Velcro for easy attachment and removal of mop inserts.

Mop Handles– All of the above mops would come with universal mop handles. These handles would be telescopic in nature and would be made of fibre glass thus making them unbreakable.

Charnock would also be launching different grades of micro fibre cloths and rolls, bar mats and chamois cloths which would be available in different colour options.

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