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Charnock Equipments Pvt.Ltd – Mop Wringer Trolleys

Effective results in mopping

Charnock presents scientifically designed Wringer trolleys that are available in single-bucket, double-bucket and three-bucket options to give you effective results in mopping. The mop wringers ensure that the usercan press excess water out with ease and prevent floors from becoming overly saturated or slippery, thus giving you a safer environment. The wringers boast of the best features that provide a longer lifespan and absolute value for money.


  • Ergonomically designed taller mop buckets that allow for less bending.
  • High efficiency all-mop press wringers, which allow the use of both Kentucky style and flat mops.
  • Absolute ease in removing and quickly emptying the buckets before putting into use again.
  • Easily removable parabolic separator.
  • Colour coded to differentiate between dirty and clean water.
  • Wringers also have the automatic water separator (AWS) technique wherein the dirty water is simply diverted to the red handled dirty bucket, ensuring your clean water remains clean in the blue handled bucket.
  • Available in capacities ranging from 30-75 litres giving you a wide variety to choose from, depending on your facility area and requirements.
  • The wringer has excellentquality, non-marking castors that provide ease in mobility and manoeuvrability.
  • The wringer trolleys come in varieties made of high quality structofoam, polyurethane body along with pure stainless steel frame that one can choose from.

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