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[box type=”shadow” ]For any car owner, keeping a car’s paint shining is always a challenge. Though waxing is a tried and tested solution, the industry is witnessing changes in finishing and refinishing technology. A newer solution is ceramic coatings that are bonded to a substrate (in this case paint) on a microscopic level to protect it from the effects of its environment. In the case of car paint, this could be dust at speed, exposure to rain, bird droppings etc. The most common method of coating requires that the paint surface be cleaned and as free of contaminants as possible. This may require removal of old wax, claying, and the application of other cleaning agents.[/box]

Ceramic Coatings are quickly becoming the most popular option for vehicle owners who look for the best paint protection to their vehicles. Ceramic coatings can also be called nano-coatings since the ceramic coating bonds together with the automobile’s paint job at a molecular level. It shields the automobile’s paint so that the paint doesn’t respond with the moisture and polyphenols found in water and the air which might lead to peeling or flaking of the paint. Common contaminants which harm car’s paint are both bird droppings and insect splatter. Ceramic coatings provide exceptional protection from the antioxidants found in such contaminants.

One layer of ceramic coating onto the vehicle is expected to give long-term (two to seven years depending on the coating) protection from biological and environmental contamination.The hardness of ceramic coatings is calculated based on how immune a vehicle’s surface would be to external force. It reduces the harm brought on by natural and artificial pollution.

Also, the intermolecular bonding which results in a ceramic coating implies that if dents are induced occasionally, the ceramic coating won’t be damaged because it’s bonded into the paint.

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