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Centralised vacuum systems are extensively used in many types of industries like manufacturing, processing, engineering, food processing, pharma, fertiliser, agro processing and automobile industries. They are mainly used for two purposes:

• Dust control

• Material Handling

In Dust control application, the dust material is absorbed and collected by the centralized vacuum system dust control is important and needed in a facility due to:

• Health issues for workers

• Safety issues for people, assets & facilities

• Product degradation or loss

• Sanitation & infestation control

• Equipment life expectancy

• Retention of valuable product

In the Material handling application, the material is continuously collected and moved to the collection zone. The system can move bulk materials in the event of spillage, equipment cleanout, etc.

A central vacuum system consists of vacuum unit, custom designed network & tubing’s; hose, fitting & elbows, couplings & snap caps; suction end tools / accessories and control panel.

The Vacuum unit contains airpower unit, centrally located filter mechanism and collection Hopper (container). With high vacuum suction to the end of a hose and nozzle for various cleaning tasks, it enables floor cleaning and wall cleaning and cleaning of ducts/equipment too.

The reasons that are generally considered for choosing centralized vacuum systems are safety, housekeeping, efficiency and insect/pest control, convenience and employee relations.

A safe way to handle dust in toxic and hazardous workplace is by vacuuming. Also housekeeping in process industries and engineering which are generally dust prone by vacuuming frequently helps better maintenance.

Manual cleaning in industrial environment is laborious and expensive. Moreover, the vacuuming helps absorb dust from cracks, crevices, beams and other areas unlike manual cleaning. The vacuum system collects the material into a central & convenient location which can later be safely disposed off.

In food processing, pharma, and agricultural industries needs for hygiene and clean environment is high. The central vacuum system can clean even tight corners on the shopfloor to collect insects, trash, moist grain and other potential risky stuffs.

The suitable vacuum points enables smooth cleaning, easy operations and flexibility. Finally, a clean and appealing environment is appreciated and makes the workplace healthier.

The centralized vacuum cleaners could be used is various facilities such as shopping malls, laboratories, engineering workshop, automobile service centres and catering industries.

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