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Celebrate the Festival, and Leave the Cleaning to UPro

The festive season is here. With Diwali just around the corner, it is time to indulge in the joy of celebrations. It is the season of shopping, savouring culinary delights, attending parties, cherishing moments with friends and family, and deep cleaning. It is time to enjoy, but it can be a bit hectic for businesses.

Celebrations are at their peak with bustling malls, fully occupied tables at restaurants and cafes, a surge in deliveries, and fully booked hotel rooms. It is during this time that businesses face the challenge of more work due to heavy footfall – from setting up more tables and extra cleaning of floors to preparing more dishes, and above all keeping everything spick and span. While the work is more, the staff is less due to festive leaves.

To cope with the increased demand whilst maintaining high standards of cleanliness and quality, businesses are looking for ways and means to make cleaning tasks a breeze.

Ease out the great Indian kitchen challenge

During Diwali, feasting is a given. You know the effort needed to serve delicious dishes if you run a restaurant or catering service. However, the increased cooking can lead to extra grease and food residue. Upro’s kitchen cleaning solutions like Cif All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner and Cif Kitchen Degreaser are game-changers for tough soils on surfaces like countertops, stoves, ovens, grills, and fryers. Let Cif handle heavy-duty grease while you focus on timely service.

Dish out the dirty dishes

Clean dishes and cutlery are a no-compromise zone for you and your customers. However, more orders also mean more dishes to wash. One spoon of Vim Liquid from Upro cleans a full sink of dirty utensils leaving your dishes spotless faster.

Festivities are in the air

Managing increased foot traffic is key to foster a relaxed shopping atmosphere for customers. With more visitors, odours and stuffiness may become noticeable. To eliminate unwanted smells and swiftly revitalise the ambiance simply spray Cif Air Freshener.

Spotless celebrations

Elevate the festive ambience by ensuring your glass features shine brightly to reflect the holiday decor. Constant touching by a larger crowd can leave them dull and dirty. Maintain streak-free glass with Cif Glass Cleaner Concentrate and refresh curtains and furniture covers with Surf Excel and Comfort Fabric Softener, saving you time and effort.

The power of systematic deep cleaning

UPro shares your commitment to cleanliness. Its range of effective solutions empowers businesses to achieve impeccable cleanliness effortlessly. UPro’s motto is “Better Clean, Better Business,” and their products are user-friendly and safety-focused, coming in both 5-liter concentrates and 450 ml ready-to-use spray bottles, ideal for food preparation areas.

Get ready to celebrate Diwali in full splendour, rest assured that our cleaning products can seamlessly weave into your operations, ensuring that the cleaning is no longer a hindrance but a stepping stone to prosperity in the new year. Happy Diwali from us to you!

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