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Milking parlour hygiene with pressure washers

With 135 employees, who generate an annual turnover of £20 million Euro, Agrargenossenschaft Rhoenland eG [Rhoenland Agricultural Cooperative] in Dermbach, Thuringia, situated halfway between Eisenach and Fulda, is one of the most important employers in the south-west Wart-burg district. The ... Read More »

Floor Cleaning in Hospitals

Numerous factors must be taken into account during the planning phase with regard to the selection and subsequent cleaning and care of floor coverings in hospitals: • In areas where patients are treated, floors should be unstructured, washable and polishable ... Read More »

Measuring Cost of Cleaning

In the debate between traditional chemical and biological cleaners, product cost per litre or per case is often a decisive factor when choosing between the two. Biological cleaners tend to be more expensive on a per litre basis partly due ... Read More »

Smart way to Spick & Span

What does it mean to optimise resource allocation? How much time does the typical owner or manager of any property give to its cleanliness and appearance? In general, it depends on what the purpose of that facility is. If it ... Read More »

Customising Scrubber-dryer

Trend No. 1: Roller or Disc?A question of floor texture: Since the 1950s, scrubber-dryers have been used for interior cleaning of hard and resilient floor areas. The tried-and-tested single-disc technology provides good results and roller brush technology is only seldom ... Read More »

Disinfecting Washrooms What is Quat Binding?

The housekeeping at your facility may have just properly cleaned all the restrooms with an EPA-registered disinfectant. EPA registration is viewed as an international guide when selecting disinfectants. As instructed, they must have first cleaned all surfaces with a general-purpose ... Read More »

Specialised Solutions for Pharma

Unlike cleaning in other manufacturing facilities, cleaning in pharma is more stringent and specific. Pharmaceutical companies mainly require the following types of cleaning: 1) Outdoor cleaning like sweeping of roads, washing of walkways etc. to curtail dust and leaves getting ... Read More »

Importance of Chemical in Cleaning

Generally speaking, purchase of chemicals is determined by many factors pertaining to the character of the surface has to be used on. These factors could include surface porosity and strength, frequency of cleaning, PPE used, air handling, cleaning efficiency, water ... Read More »

Window Washing: Doing it Professionally

Simply put, the definition goes like this: “Window cleaning or window washing is the cleaning of architectural glass used for structural, lighting or decorative purposes. It could be done manually using a variety of tools for cleaning, or automatically”. Well, ... Read More »

Congratulations! Clean India Journal

Clean India Journal has been a prominent Voice of the Cleaning Industry, for the last 10 years. Over the years, through various articles in the magazine coupled with the Clean India Shows and other events, the magazine has raised awareness ... Read More »

Cleaning resilient floor coverings

Professional, systematic cleaning & care contributes significantly to extending the life of floor coverings. It is also one of the most important tasks in contract cleaning. This applies primarily to the deep cleaning or stripping of resilient floor coverings. RESILIENT ... Read More »

Preventing HAI through linen care

Barrier laundry, as an established technology to control HAIs, is increasingly being adopted not just globally but also in India too. Armand Lim, Regional Segment Manager – Commercial B2B & CARE, Electrolux, explains the entire management cycle for hospital laundry ... Read More »

Infection Prevention

One in every 20 patients gets an infection while being treated at a hospital. In a world where the influenza virus can survive on a doorknob for up to two hours, Sealed Air on its patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (Oxivir) ... Read More »

Maintaining Natural Stones

Contract cleaners are confronted time and again with the challenge of cleaning floors efficiently and effectively without damaging or discoloring the floor covering. Highly polished natural stone flooring in particular can get damaged if not treated correctly leading to dullness, ... Read More »

‘Keen to Support SBM Initiatives’

“The demand for wastewater treatment is likely to grow with the growing economy. Koichi Matsui, CMD-UEM India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Japan based Toshiba Group, shares UEM’s role in India. Municipalities Operations & Solutions UEM specializes in providing turnkey ... Read More »

13Th Clean India Pulire Hospitality Connect

On the day-3 of Clean India Pulire, there was a high level knowledge sharing session “Hospitality Connect”. Opening the session, Niranjan Khatri, Hospitality Veteran & Ex-GM-ITC Hotels elaborated on “How to use resources conservatively”, followed by presentations from Indian Professional ... Read More »

Recalling FSSAI Regulations for FBOs

The standards are defined by schedule-4 (Regulation 2.1.2) of Food Safety & Standards (Licensing & Registration of Food Business) Regulations 2011, include the following: Sanitary and hygienic requirements for food manufacturer / processor / handler General requirements on hygienic and sanitary practices to be followed by all food business operators applying ... Read More »

Hg removal from soil & water

Mercury has not only toxic effects on bird and fish reproduction but can retard brain development in children. Leaching into the environment after mining and burning fossil fuel, mercury can spell biological disaster. To get rid of it, a team ... Read More »