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India Drowning in Waste, experts warn

Almitra Patel, a civil engineer by qualification, says she was first alerted to India’s huge problem of inadequate waste disposal when she noticed that the frogs in the marshlands near her farmhouse, on the city’s outskirts, had stopped croaking. Seeing ... Read More »

Compost System for Food Waste Recycling

Bokashi, a Japanese food recycling technology based on ancient fermentation practices, utilises rice bran and beneficial microorganisms to quickly break down food waste while also suppressing smells, making it the ideal food recycling solution for more populous areas With the ... Read More »

Biomass Plantations can power India

A group of women working in a tree-shaded nursery in Sivaganga, an arid part of southern Tamil Nadu, is helping to manage India’s very first biomass energy plantation. A report. Valli, 50, and Sarasu, 60, have been working with Energy ... Read More »

Mazagon Dock outsources cleaning job

Mazagon Dock Limited, India’s premier shipyard company, under Govt. of India is planning to outsource Contract for Cleaning of accommodation areas and machinery compartments of Y-26775. As per the specification, power supply, water and compressed air up to the points ... Read More »

Grappling with Garbage

If uric acid odour is an indicator of a urinal nearby, a homemaker in Kerala’s Vilappilsala village suggests new visitors to follow the rotting garbage stench to find their way to the village Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation’s plan to convert a ... Read More »

First-ever hand dryer enters Guinness book

Savortex’s Vortex 550 EcoSmart hand dryer has set a Guinness World Record for energy efficiency. EcoSmart dries four pairs of hands using just 24kJ of energy in 15 seconds. Typically, hand dryers use between 72kJ and 96kJ power to dry ... Read More »

Growing e-Waste in India

E-waste is growing in India at the rate of 10%. Major recycling of e-waste is carried out in the non-formal sector using primitive and hazardous methods. Adequate legislative measures and cost-effective, environment friendly, technological solution would be needed to address the issue. A synopsis Read More »

India’s new e-Waste Rules in force

The new rules called the e-waste (management and handling) Rules, 2011 released by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, effective from May 2011, aims at improving the safe management of electrical and electronic wastes. It lays down the responsibilities and ... Read More »

Panaji:Towards a ‘Bin-less’ City

The sight of overflowing garbage bins is no more an issue with Panaji, capital of Goa, which started a ‘bin-less city’ campaign almost a decade ago. This is just one of the few initiatives Goa has taken to replicate successful ... Read More »

Young cleaning envoys

Tatanagar’s best friend and worst critic – Chotanagpur Passengers’ Association hopes to help the station, trains and tracks stay clean with the help of children. The outfit, which represents the interests of over 50 lakh passengers, has roped in school ... Read More »

SWM project for CMC

The Chandrapur Municipal Corporation (CMC) in Maharashtra has proposed a solid waste management project for disposal of its 100 tonnes garbage daily. The Corporation, with its effective garbage collection mechanism, collects over 80 tonnes of garbage from the town every ... Read More »

Composting in SWM – A Report

Composting is the most widely employed MSWM technique in India, with above 70 composting plants. Most of these composting facilities handle between 100-1000 TPD of MSW. It is estimated that up to 6% of MSW collected is composted which makes it the only major waste handling technology employed in India. Excerpt from the report on Sustainable Solid Waste Management in India by Ranjith Annepu for the Earth Engineering Center and Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council at Columbia University Read More »

Trichy City Corporation Tackling waste & sanitation issues

The famous temple town of South India, Tiruchirapalli, has been facing sanitation issues for long time now. The City Municipal Corporation along with a few self-help groups successfully launched a campaign to propagate sanitation, monitor residents’ behaviour and supervise maintenance ... Read More »

Hierarchy of Sustainable Waste Management

The original hierarchy of waste management addresses Reducing, Reusing, Recycling of waste, Aerobic and Anaerobic Composting, Waste-to-Energy and Sanitary Landfilling. For the specific purpose of this study, “Unsanitary Landfilling and Open Burning” has been added to represent the indiscriminate dumping ... Read More »

Municipal Waste Management Models Outsourcing Under Scrutiny

It is less than a decade since the Municipal Corporations across India began outsourcing their support services like collection, processing and disposal of waste. The tried and tested methods of waste management through outsourcing have helped create models at various levels. In an exclusive round table meet, civic officials from five Corporations discussed the successes and failures in handling waste. Read More »

UDDT for rural schools

UDDT, a programme of Ecosan Promotion Project or EPP, is an alternative sanitation solution which not only provides better sanitation facility but also creates awareness among schoolchildren in Kenya. A report… Read More »

Kerala to adopt bio-bin to treat waste

The Thiruvananthapuram city corporation, which has been looking at solutions to address the increasing garbage treatment issues in the capital city, is planning to introduce bio-bins in residential apartments in the city. This follows the various schemes undertaken to implement ... Read More »