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Waste audits – for management and industry development

Waste audits to quantify the various components in a waste stream are becoming increasingly important for proper solid waste management. This is due to the main shift in the overall strategy for waste management where collection & disposal has changed to a segregation & resource recovery policy. There is a need for conducting waste audits and to understand how the data can be interpreted for administrative, technical and commercial outcomes. Read More »

E-Waste Management in India

The future of e-waste recycling is bright in India as there is a gap of proper solution providers that can handle the growing demand of electronic appliance consumption. With growing amount of consumers, this sector will keep on giving positive ... Read More »

Commercial Kitchen Process and Procedure

Maintenance of commercial kitchen differs from that of a restaurant or a canteen kitchen. As such the maintenance of any kind of kitchen can be outsourced to a service provider or handled by the in house maintenance engineer. Arun Tiwari, ... Read More »

Extraction of Biodiesel from waste vegetable oil

The production of biodiesel from waste vegetable oil offers a triple-facet solution: economic, environmental and waste management. The term “waste vegetable oil” (WVO) refers to vegetable oil which has been used in food production and which is no longer viable ... Read More »

A small step for a cleaner future

It is quite a common site to see piles of garbage as high as hills dotting the landscape of landfills at the outskirts of a city. If one is to enter Delhi from the Karnal side, these hills can be ... Read More »

Bio medical waste management in Kerala

Campaign to curb environmental pollution in Kerala was mostly limited to some couplets from poets against cutting trees. An occasional action by the Pollution Control Board used to get the headlines. Visibly smoggy skies and murky streams caught the eyes ... Read More »

Portable Biogas Plant

Portable biogas plants are small units designed for household and institutional purposes which generate energy from the biodegradable wastes. This will help in creating a hygienic environment and healthy surrounding for individual household as well as general public. Making biogas ... Read More »

An eco-friendly gasifier

Aimed at offering technologies to produce clean energy for small scale projects, Nimbkar Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) has developed an eco-friendly commercial-scale gasifier for thermal applications. Equipped to utilise low density and leafy biomass materials like sugarcane leaves, bajra stalks ... Read More »

Bio-waste into Fertilisers

Florida based agricultural waste biomass to urea fertiliser specialist, BioNitrogen has launched its new technology for converting biowaste into fertilisers using small, farm based modular facilities, close to the required feedstock. According to the company, its technology is able to convert urea from biomass waste – including household waste and agricultural waste such as plant stalks and husks – into high-nitrogen content urea fertiliser at a substantially lower cost than traditional methods. Read More »

Towards Integrated Solid Waste Management

In order to process 25 lakh tonnes of waste dumped at its landfill site, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) is in consultation with global and national companies. Kishore Kanyal, Additional Municipal Commissioner, talks about the initiative. The Waste to Energy programme ... Read More »

Better management of hospital waste

Despite strict enforcement of laws on dumping of bio medical waste, cases of illegal dumping of medical waste mixed with municipal solid waste has become rampant in city based hospitals across the country. Dr Suleman Merchant, Dean, LTMG Hospital, Mumbai, ... Read More »

Indian Crisis Scenario – A Report

For the first time in the history of India, the year 2012 saw several public protests against improper waste management all across India – from the northernmost State of Jammu and Kashmir to the southernmost Tamil Nadu. A fight for ... Read More »

Consistency in maintaining cleaning systems is The Key to Hygiene

Merger Beverages Pvt Ltd at Baikampady has an upgraded fully automatic plant registered under the Food Safety and Standards act, 2006. Merger has been serving quality soft drinks and aerated water to the customers in South Karnataka Districts of Mangalore and Udipi for more than three decades under the brand name of Merger Soda, Coolem and Oyes. Read More »

Designing Bins

The basic application of bins is directly associated with garbage or waste collection. But bins are also used for storage in industries like food and textile. Types of bins vary with its applications in various industries. Today, the characteristics of a bin are also influenced by the ambience and aesthetics of its surroundings. Shardul Nautiyal interacts with a few of the suppliers to know all about bins. Read More »


What is the best option for dealing with 5000kg of kitchen waste every day? Alexander Rohan John, Environmental Engineer, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India “This is a big amount of waste to deal with. There are several options including cheaper and ... Read More »

“Waste should be considered as a resource”

Mysore City Corporation (MCC) comprises 65 wards divided in nine zones. Around 400 tonnes of municipal waste is generated daily in the city of which about half is used to produce manure. The rest is handled by Zero Waste Management ... Read More »

Zero Waste Focusing on destination, not diversion

In striving to create a waste-free world, it is important that we articulate not only our goals but the ways we plan to go about bringing them to fruition. I believe our objectives would be much better served in this regard with a simple word substitution. Rather than focusing on diversion rates as the way we measure recycling success, what we really need to be talking about are “destination rates.” Read More »

Vermistabilization Converting Waste into Bio-fertilizer

Sludge is a hazardous and odourous by-product from conventional water and wastewater treatment plants which requires solutions like safe disposal in landfills, incineration, installation of sewage sludge stabilization reactors and dehydration systems incurring a huge cost. Read More »