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20L Vacuum Cleaner (Italy Motor)

BS-1020A DESCRIPTION20L Vacuum Cleaner (Italy Motor) (220V) APPLICATIONMunicipal building site, square, supermarket, factories, workshop and a variety of public places, homes.N.W(Kg) CTN : 9.27G.W(Kg) CTN : 11.27CTN SIZE : L 0.45 x W 0.415 x H 0.605CBM CTN : 0.11298375 ... Read More »

Zero Discharge Plants

WASTEWATER is collected in the equalisation pond and passed trough series of process equipments. Harmful organic/colloidal contents in the water are separated out in the first phase of treatment and the inorganic content in the water are separated in the ... Read More »

Achieving Size Zero

Zero waste seems difficult simply because our civilization is so set in consumerism that one cannot imagine living otherwise. There is also a lot of misunderstanding about wastefree living – people tend to think that it costs more and takes ... Read More »

International Demand for Distributors

ONE GETS to hear this statement often at deliberations: “The future of the cleaning business is fantastic”… But, there is a distinct change, as now they say “the future is robotic”! The pronounced use of Internet of Things across different ... Read More »

Selecting Biological Processes

Water pollution in India is posing a significant threat to human health. Large volume of unprocessed wastewater is being discharged by industries into fresh water sources, resulting in frequent outbreaks of waterborne diseases and environmental degradation. While the overall investment ... Read More »

Stop Using Plastic Bags!

Stop Using Plastic Bags

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating island of plastic, is estimated to be “five times the size of the continental India.” About 15000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India every day; 80% of which are plastic-carry bags. ... Read More »

Starting Young

While most engineering students in the country nurture dreams of wellpaid corporate jobs and upwardly mobile lifestyles, two enterprising students from Coimbatore decided to walk down a different road. Twenty-three-year-old Saran Raj, along with his classmate C. Prashanth, decided instead ... Read More »

Telangana Police to adopt hospitals

To up-keep the cleanliness scenario in Telangana, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has advised the Police Department to facilitate and co-ordinate with the hospital and local authorities Responding to the call, Hyderabad City Police has decided to adopt government hospitals ... Read More »

Rameswaram station goes green

 Following the recent announcement in the railway budget to make Rameswaram a green station, the Madurai railway division has started allotting more bio-toilet fitted coaches to the station. Out of 145 coaches maintained in Rameswaram, 78 are fitted with bio-toilets ... Read More »

Towards ‘Swachh Hotels’ Crafting a new vision

“Finding a holistic waste management solution for the Indian hospitality sector“  Today we are staring at challenges which require asking heretical questions: What if… Water supplies are cut by half Water tankers are not available The government announces that in ... Read More »

Drain Cleaning using Air Conveyance Technology

With high Powered Sewer Suction Machine, Whale Supersucker extends its already well established range of liquid waste and cleansing equipment. It is built using a part-kit supplied by and with the expertise and back-up of the well-established EUROVAC, a division ... Read More »

Car cleaning solutions

Used in conjunction with the on-board TASKI IntelliDose system the scrubber ensures that correct amount of water and cleaning product are always delivered at an accurate dilution, irrespective of machine speed, even when turning, for consistent cleaning to the manufacturer’s ... Read More »

Apollo Hospitals International Limited, Ahmedabad

Ensuring safety in Hospitals According to World Health Organization, 80-85% of total amount of waste generated by healthcare activities is the general waste. Only 15-20% waste is considered hazardous which may be infectious, injurious, toxic or radioactive. Poor management of ... Read More »

Creating Cleanliness

Changing the face of Indian Tourism Himanshu Jain, MD-Indian Subcontinent, Sealed Air shares his views on how better cleanliness & hygiene offerings at tourism spots can change the Indian tourism Industry… Incredible India! The tagline of our Indian Tourism… Yes, ... Read More »

IWM Plan for Clean India

Recent initiatives by the central government lead by none other than PM Narendra Modi brought the issue of cleanliness into the drawing rooms and dinner table discussions of Indian middle class and created a euphoria for electronic, print and social ... Read More »

Eco-logical Water Quality Criteria for Zero Discharge

This case study outlines eco-logical research carried out ‘in collaboration with Nature’ that has evolutionary experience of 460 crore years. Focus was on developing simple criteria and test methods that can be used by ordinary person in the field, without ... Read More »

Eureka Forbes-Blue Star Collaboration

Eureka Forbes has collaborated with Blue Star to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution for chilled and purified drinking water. Most water cooler customers have been combining the water cooler with an external water purification system to provide pure water. However, ... Read More »

Sustainable FM

 Building Information Modelling and SOPs Besides People and Property, Process and Technology are the backbone of FM industry, without which it could make a lot of noise but just be found, spinning its wheels and going nowhere. John Ringness, SFP, ... Read More »

New technology in human waste recycling

Bill Gates shares his experience of watching human waste being treated and having a glass of “delicious drinking water” recycled from the waste. “I watched the piles of faeces go up the conveyer belt and drop into a large bin. They made ... Read More »