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Thursday , 21 March 2019
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Quality Matters in Cleaning Tools

The simple brush used for cleaning clothes has evolved from its wooden natural fibre state to plastic today but it serves the same purpose. “However, now the demand for making cleaning tools machines with high production capacity has gone up. ... Read More »

Thematic Swachh campaign for National Parks

In an endeavour to outreach citizen and communities, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has decided to organise its thematic Swachh campaign in National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves and Zoos, which attract lakhs of visitors, especially youth and ... Read More »

Treating MSW the Japanese way

The Environmental Recycling System, a patented technology from Japan can effectively act on organic matter present in mixed waste. The process creates the perfect condition for high-speed multiplication of microorganisms and the rapid treatment of waste. VARIOUS ENVIRONMENT friendly options ... Read More »

Home wash drives after-sale market

According to a recently published market survey, “Car after sales – car care and accessory – market is close to $2 billion in India.” However, in India, there is a huge and proportional gap between the number of cars plying ... Read More »

New tax facilitating Udipi, Mangaluru SWM

Poor waste disposal management is pushing some of the Indian cities face a waste management crisis. After conducting repeated segregation awareness programmes, two of the municipal corporations in Karnataka have cracked the problem by imposing tax for door-to- door waste ... Read More »

Transforming garbage into treasure

It may look like rubbish, but food waste does have its uses. It could even be converted into valuable graphite and hydrogen. An EU-funded project is setting out to do just that. The process being developed combines established Anaerobic Digestion ... Read More »

Smart Displays in MSW Fleet Vehicles

Smart displays capture real-time information and typically feed this to a back-office dashboard. This helps to draw a visual presentation of performance measures letting operators identify trends in driver behaviour, track vehicles, service performance and efficiencies. Why smart displays are ... Read More »

E-waste Certification

Simply defined, e-waste is the waste generated from used electronic devices and household appliances which are not fit for their originally intended use and are destined for recovery, recycling and disposal. As per the estimates of the United Nations Environment ... Read More »

Counting Business, Curbing Waste

“In todays’ world resources are next to waste” Riding high on the success of Waste Recycling technology pavilions at the past Clean India Expos, the Waste Technology India Expo 2016 evoked good response among waste management professionals from across the ... Read More »

Anaerobic WTE Plant for Community Development

IN GERMANY, 860 “community development WTE plants” were operational in 2006. In our country, the numbers should have been more but it is actually very few. While the Prime Minister has envisaged the installation of Community WTE plants as part ... Read More »

Ecoflex System

Ecoflex™ System ensures getting every floor cleaned, from light traffic areas to heavily soiled areas in the most environmental friendly way, easily, efficiently and… while saving money. Advance’s EcoFlex System goes beyond standard green cleaning by offering sustainability and efficiency, ... Read More »

Smart Village : Tamnath Village

Let ’s talk about Smar t Village When the entire country is abuzz with smart solutions for smart cities, Clean India Journal Team recently visited Tamnath, a small village of gram panchayat Shirse situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra. A city ... Read More »

20L Vacuum Cleaner (Italy Motor)

BS-1020A DESCRIPTION20L Vacuum Cleaner (Italy Motor) (220V) APPLICATIONMunicipal building site, square, supermarket, factories, workshop and a variety of public places, homes.N.W(Kg) CTN : 9.27G.W(Kg) CTN : 11.27CTN SIZE : L 0.45 x W 0.415 x H 0.605CBM CTN : 0.11298375 ... Read More »

Zero Discharge Plants

WASTEWATER is collected in the equalisation pond and passed trough series of process equipments. Harmful organic/colloidal contents in the water are separated out in the first phase of treatment and the inorganic content in the water are separated in the ... Read More »

Achieving Size Zero

Zero waste seems difficult simply because our civilization is so set in consumerism that one cannot imagine living otherwise. There is also a lot of misunderstanding about wastefree living – people tend to think that it costs more and takes ... Read More »

International Demand for Distributors

ONE GETS to hear this statement often at deliberations: “The future of the cleaning business is fantastic”… But, there is a distinct change, as now they say “the future is robotic”! The pronounced use of Internet of Things across different ... Read More »

Selecting Biological Processes

Water pollution in India is posing a significant threat to human health. Large volume of unprocessed wastewater is being discharged by industries into fresh water sources, resulting in frequent outbreaks of waterborne diseases and environmental degradation. While the overall investment ... Read More »




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