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Thursday , 21 March 2019
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Making of a Bottle House

Plastic bottles, the largest waste menace confronting the world and a highly non-bio degradable material that takes over 400 years to disintegrate, are being put through several scientific processes for disposal and recycling. The right method of segregation, collection, treatment ... Read More »

Waste Technology India Expo

More than 35 municipal corporations, leading CSR heads, top manufacturing companies, hotels, hospitals, facility and home cleaning services companies, government bodies, railways… flooded the Waste Technology India Expo held from January 18 to 20, 2017, at Hyderabad. Niche waste solutions ... Read More »

Dishwashing Detergents

Marketed by ADD Laundry Concepts Pvt. Ltd in India, the Speed Queen commercial heavy duty Stacked Washer & Dryer is a highly efficient frontload washing machine. Washer Features • Washer Capacity/Cycle-9.5kg• Digital Electronic Control• 3 Compartment Detergent Dispenser• Pre-set Programs ... Read More »

Janitorial cleaning services market to grow

London-based Technavio’s new procurement market intelligence report on the global janitorial cleaning services market from 2017-2021, reveals that the global janitorial cleaning services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2017 – 2021. This growth is ... Read More »

LAHS Green India Pvt. Ltd

Goldust is a fully automatic composting machine which uses special microorganisms to break down and decompose all kinds of organic waste into compost with a volume reduction of 85-90%. When organic waste is added to the Goldust, there is a ... Read More »

Training is a MUST

The term training simply refers to the process of acquiring the necessary skills required for a certain job. The specific goals of training can be highlight by the five P’s in our working environment. Preserving assets Producing best practice Promoting ... Read More »

Bangalore Municipality Roadmap To Swm

The Processes involved in daily waste collection and disposal Paurakarmikas have been engaged to do door-to-door collection in each ward which is divided into blocks of 750 houses. They are also stationed at every 500m on the roads for sweeping ... Read More »

Schneider Electric on New technologies

How can innovative solutions in water segment promote energy savings, operational efficiency and reduced lifecycle costs? Before addressing the innovation, it needs understanding of key challenges of the water industry i.e. ageing infrastructure, energy and operational costs, increased regulations, response ... Read More »

IPHA joins hands with Kerala Housekeepers’ Forum

I-Professional Housekeepers’Association, India’s leading association of hospitality housekeepers, has expanded into South India by joining hands with the Kerala Housekeepers’ Forum. Expanding rapidly, the association has more than 500 members across India. The Kerala Housekeepers’ Forum steered by Sumesh Sashidharan, ... Read More »

Wastewater treatment reuse and energy in india

The water and wastewater situations across Indian cities and towns are diverse, depending on water supply/ scarcity, the existence and type of urban industries and peri-urban agriculture, and realistic options to lay or alter sewerage systems. For the vast majority ... Read More »

Spills and Slips

According to a study conducted by Madras Medical College and Government General Hospital, Chennai, it is estimated that nearly 1.5 to two million people get injured and about one million die every year in India as a result of a ... Read More »

Waste pickers picking up

The contractual deployment of waste pickers in Rio Olympics 2016 has indeed left an indelible legacy and a stark realization of these community servers’ role in the waste crisisbound cities. Two Indian waste pickers co-operatives discuss their work with Vijayalakshmi ... Read More »

The ‘magical’ plastic

Plastic, a major pollutant due to its nondegradable properties, is yet an essential product that is widely used. However, new ecofriendly technological developments available globally, are now being made available in India too. HPL Additives Ltd, a premium player in ... Read More »


ETW Energietechnik GmbH has come up with an innovative solution that improves the feasibility of landfill gas and other combined heat and power (CHPs). Already closed landfills struggle with shrinking gas qualities and quantities. Existing CHPs than have to be ... Read More »


In a recent article published in The Guardian, it has been reported that Rio authorities have partnered with Coca-Cola to fund the Rio Olympics waste pickers programme. One of Brazil’s most marginalised professions is in the limelight today. Claudete Da ... Read More »

RootsSweep RB 100

Features Powder coated heavy duty steel chassis for maximum protection Easy to operate, self-explanatory operating panel for minimal operator training Battery operated for quieter indoor and outdoor operation 80 Litre hopper for greater debris storage and lesser clean-up time Filter ... Read More »

Auto Soap Dispenser

The Auto Soap Dispenser is a touch free foaming gel wash system that delivers an exceptionally luxurious, hygienic hand washing experience and encourages more frequent and thorough hand washing. Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye free formulation and Green Seal approval Provides ... Read More »

Recycled energy for Thailand

Residents of Pa Deng, a village in Thailand have stumbled on the most organic, renewable source of cow manure for generating energy. The second largest consumer of energy in South East Asia, Thailand that has always been using fossil fuels ... Read More »




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