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Graywater Reuse

Graywater can be defined as untreated domestic wastewater which has not come into contact with toilet or direct food waste. Typically, it is water coming from bathtubs, showers, sinks, laundry activities and similar water consuming systems. Not included are water discharges from toilets, kitchen sinks, disposers, dishwashers or laundry water from soiled diapers. These discharges are usually designated “blackwater”, primarily because of the potential presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Read More »

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M3RP: A sustainable waste recycling solution

Various methods of efficient solid waste disposal and recycling are being experimented globally. M3RP developed by Mysore-based Southern Cogen Systems Pvt Ltd (Scogen) is a sustainable and environment friendly waste management solution. Read More »

Clean India Show 2010

Championing Cleanliness… “Why is the Show only for three days? You need to keep it open for a week.” This spontaneous reaction by Smt Sheila Dikshit, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, at the Clean India Show 2010 at NSIC ... Read More »

Soil Biotechnology for sewage treatment

A viable and cheap alternative for sewage treatment – Soil Biotechnology (SBT) – helps communities tackle water problems in a more cost effective way An ecological method – Soil Biotechnology (SBT) based STPs – researched for over two decades at ... Read More »

Street Cleaners’ Woes

We have problems of paan stains, overflowing sewage waste or garbage on pavements. In fact, the problems lie with the way we look at the job of cleaning. How many of us ever thought about the people who actually work ... Read More »

Workshop on Zero Waste Management

In an effort to show how more than 90% of the household wastes could be recycled, Mumbai-based groups RUR (‘Are you recycling’) and Urban Leaves (group which supports organic food) recently conducted a workshop on zero waste management. The highlights ... Read More »

Project Dharavi: Waste Matters for Green Workers

Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum is a haven of dry waste – huge mounds of plastic bags, papers, scraps… It is also a home to several migrant workers, ragpickers and destitute and is probably the world’s largest recycling quarters where almost ... Read More »

Climbing Walls

A UK based 13-year-old school boy Hibiki Kono does a spiderman with a vacuum cleaner. He climbs the walls with the help of a backpack vacuum cleaner which uses the power of two 1,400watt Tesco Value vacuum cleaners and wooden ... Read More »

Towards a Clean Delhi

Solid waste management is one of the major issues confronting most municipal corporations in every state. Given the limitations of starting new landfill sites and the existing sites already operating more than the capacity corporations are in dire straits. The ... Read More »

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Preparing Wastewater Effluent for Membranes

Ethanol is a love hate issue in America today. Grain farmers love it while poultry and livestock ranchers hate it; American isolationists love it while globalists hate it, and it goes on and on. Regardless of one stand on the ... Read More »

Big CIGAR keeps environment clean

Seen from a distance, the giant septic tank installation made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resembles a giant balloon that has been planted in the earth. The blue installation is located among cattle feedlots owned by PT Santosa Agrindo (Santori) ... Read More »

Waste reduction in hotels

A recent hotel waste audit showed that each guestroom contributes from one kilogramme to 57kg of waste per day. It comprises of two components, biodegradable (wet) waste and non biodegradable (dry) waste. The majority of waste is not produced in ... Read More »