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Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Climbing Walls

A UK based 13-year-old school boy Hibiki Kono does a spiderman with a vacuum cleaner. He climbs the walls with the help of a backpack vacuum cleaner which uses the power of two 1,400watt Tesco Value vacuum cleaners and wooden ... Read More »

Towards a Clean Delhi

Solid waste management is one of the major issues confronting most municipal corporations in every state. Given the limitations of starting new landfill sites and the existing sites already operating more than the capacity corporations are in dire straits. The ... Read More »

Preparing Wastewater Effluent for Membranes

Ethanol is a love hate issue in America today. Grain farmers love it while poultry and livestock ranchers hate it; American isolationists love it while globalists hate it, and it goes on and on. Regardless of one stand on the ... Read More »

Big CIGAR keeps environment clean

Seen from a distance, the giant septic tank installation made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resembles a giant balloon that has been planted in the earth. The blue installation is located among cattle feedlots owned by PT Santosa Agrindo (Santori) ... Read More »

Waste reduction in hotels

A recent hotel waste audit showed that each guestroom contributes from one kilogramme to 57kg of waste per day. It comprises of two components, biodegradable (wet) waste and non biodegradable (dry) waste. The majority of waste is not produced in ... Read More »

It is all about Infrastructure and money

– India has made tremendous progress on economic front, in infrastructure, industries, healthcare and tourism. But when it comes to awareness about cleanliness and hygiene, we are still lagging behind and we blame it on our country’s increasing population. – ... Read More »

Eco-battle in the Valley

Jyotsna Sitling, 45, has done exemplary eco-restoration work in Uttarakhand, helped the Valley of Flowers National Park in Chamoli achieve World Heritage Site (WHS) status and set in motion a unique conservation movement that has helped save the ecologically fragile ... Read More »

The recycling business

This business is a profitable proposal not just for business houses, but also for senior citizens and children alike, says Vithal Venkatesh Kamat, Executive Chairman & MD, Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd Read More »

CR builds model toilet

GTB station on the Harbour line will be the first railway station in Mumbai to get the model toilet. The in-house design model is scientifically designed for better drainage, water supply and flooring to prevent water stagnation. This pay-and-use unit ... Read More »

Medical Waste Management

Medical waste disposal has become a bigger problem with the advent of disposables like needles and syringes which cause contamination of land, air and water resources Read More »