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Case Study Unclogging Urinals Effectively

Brazil-based Igua Control is the supplier for water treatment, equipment, air control and other segments’ products and services. One of its clients faced perennial problems with clogging in almost all its urinals. Every eight months, they had to manually open ... Read More »

Moulding Behaviour at School

Handling four branches of the DPS — Pune, Patna, Coimbatore and Ludhiana – it is essential to continuously monitor and maintain the washrooms during the school hours. The list of activities followed by DPS include — Monitoring Toilets Toilets are ... Read More »

Children design Toilet Urinals using Plastic Bottles

 A persistent stench invaded the classrooms of the Panchayat Union Middle School at Kurumbapatty every day. Students constantly faced symptoms of fever, nausea and stomach ache that prompted them to take leave from school. Initially they thought that the problem ... Read More »

Pumping Mechanised Cleaning in Public Areas

As part of the Clean India Technology Week, Clean India Journal team in partnership with Sanjay Maintenance Services organized a massive cleanliness campaign. Roadshows were held at Churchgate station and KEM hospital, Mumbai. With operations carried out by 12 and ... Read More »

Kameshwaram’s Unique Toilet Technology

Kameshwaram, a typical coastal village in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, that had faced the 2004 Tsunami, has been hitting the news for its successful sanitation programmes. Kameshwaram, inhabited by 1,535 families, has a population of about 5713, according ... Read More »

Scrubbers turn Smarter

Besides vacuum cleaners, scrubber-dryers are being used widely for floor care in most industries, be it hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing or retail. Scrubber-dryers of different shapes, sizes and specifications customised to suit different applications in these industries have evolved to accommodate ... Read More »

SCA: Expanding into India

The growing Indian market has been attracting the global players in the cleaning industry to expand their operations in the country. Over the last few years, more and more international companies have been establishing their offices in India. SCA Group, ... Read More »

Modes of Services

Washroom hygiene services are any services that promote a safe and clean restroom facility. Typically, organizations that offer washroom hygiene services primarily deal with restocking supplies and ensuring that technology is up to date rather than actually cleaning the restroom. ... Read More »

Quality Product & Best Price

Clean Care Premium Products India Private Limited has been catering to the Corporate & Institutional Space with its flagship brand – Green World. Bharat Karani and Pinak Gala, Directors of the company share their plans of venturing into retail segment ... Read More »

Vectair launches Femcare MVP range

Vectair Systems, UK, has teamed up with The Eve Appeal gynaecological cancer research charity to raise awareness through the launch of its Femcare MVP range of feminine hygiene units. In the UK, 50 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer ... Read More »

Creating a better Design

Hotels take an extra step to pamper their customers with comfort and luxury through a combination of design, ambience and accessories. Washroom design holds particular importance, as guest expectations in this area are much higher. Clean India Journal spoke to a couple of hotels to know their perspective. Read More »

Public Restroom-A high risk environment

From an environmental health scientist’s point of view, a restroom, in particular a public restroom is a high risk environment. That’s because, at its most basic level, the restroom is essentially a bio-hazardous waste transfer station. In more graphic terms, ... Read More »

Delivering The right fragrance

In an innovative move to provide eco-friendly solutions for indoor air-quality, UAE based Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd, a new entrant in the Cleaning Industry, has launched an “Oxy-Gen powered” clean technology in the air-care range. Viva!e is the second generation environment-friendly air-freshening system and the latest model in the world’s first continuous fragrance and odour control delivery system, says Hydros Jassenu, MP of FDT. Read More »

School RESTROOM Issues

Frequent and effective cleaning is the key to achieve a healthy restroom environment in a school. Clean India Journal picks up the issue with a couple of schools… Read More »

Gloves – Maintaining Food & Hand Hygiene Standards

Users in any food processing environment face a number of hazards, including sharp-edged tools, materials and surfaces, temperature extremes, food products themselves, grease, bacteria and the harsh solutions, and chemicals used to clean & sanitize processing areas... Using the right hand protection for the application can also protect food products from contamination and the spread of food borne pathogens. Read More »

Symbol of Food Safety

Gloves hold a special identity as a part of the ‘Food Handler’s Protective Clothing Kit’. With the advent of ‘Food Safety’ they are used profusely in the food industry today. Restaurant production and service staff, Employees from manufacturing units and ... Read More »

Biowarfare in the Restroom

It’s with good reason that the most effective delivery method for biological warfare weapons is via aerosol suspensions: finely divided droplets or powders containing bacteria may be carried by air currents for long distances spreading their contamination as they are ... Read More »

Hygiene in Healthcare Effective Management through Outsourcing

Today, a large number of hospitals are looking at outsourcing their housekeeping requirements – fully or partially. But, more clarity is needed as to which are the areas that need to be outsourced and how the outsourced services can be managed to meet the required cleanliness & hygiene standards. A panel consisting of six experts both from the healthcare end and the cleaning industry discussed this pertinent issue across a round table during the Clean India Pulire 2011. Excerpts: Read More »