Saturday , 4 July 2020
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Better Batteries for cleaning machines

Some argue that cable-operated machines place restrictions on the size of the area to be cleaned besides presenting a tripping hazard. Conversely, others claim that time spent on recharging batteries could have an adverse effect on productivity. Battery-powered machines are ... Read More »

Cleaning concepts of the future

Data and Robots Philipp Kipf, Product Manager Digital Solutions, explains how Smart City of the future can always be clean. What challenges do you see on the road to Smart City? Data is our biggest challenge. We have to interpret ... Read More »

Robotic Technology and Internet of Clean

The evolution of cleaning in Asia Pacific has been rapid. Let’s call the first epoch “Mops and Buckets”. Ten years ago, mops, rags and buckets, together with the strong backs of workers, cleaned most surfaces. Then came the second epoch ... Read More »


Changing lifestyle and expectations of guests are largely contributing to the pace of change in the facilities and services being offered in the hospitality industry. Mobiles, tabs, laptops, wi-fi, applications, social media… play an essential role in the next gen ... Read More »

Washing through Androids

ONE SERVICE industry which is fast growing and getting organised tapping the expanding market is dry cleaning and laundry.  According to a recent survey, this segment in India is to the tune of `3,000-3,500cr. It is also estimated that by ... Read More »

Air Dried Technology New way of making tissues

Air dried tissue, or ADT, is a simple yet potentially groundbreaking new technology for making tissue. The first installation of this configuration is up and running on a small scale at a confidential mill in the United States. Ed Graf, ... Read More »

Tornado Flush technology

TOTO, a Japanese provider of bathroom concepts and innovative solutions, has introduced Tornado Flush technology, a new way of flushing the toilets. Instead of letting water pour down from the rim like conventional toilets, the rotating whirlpool effect created by ... Read More »

Germ-free toilet in 3 seconds!

AIRCRAFT LAVATORIES are at the upfront when it comes to the most expansive ones across sections. Right from ‘chemical toilet blue water recirculated electric flush’ to ‘vacuum flush’, aircraft lavatories have been the focal point of research & development for ... Read More »

Role of technology in FM for best practices

In any organization, technology constitutes only one-seventh of its resources. Moreover, used in isolation, it is bound to fail. As Sreedhar Saraswathi, Business Head – South Asia, ARCHIBUS explains, the technology integrated with organization’s people, time and finances is the ... Read More »

Smog Free Tower

RAPID RISE in air pollution all around and in cities in particular has worsened smog occurrence and extended its duration. Smog is basically derived from the merging of two words; smoke and fog. Smog is also used to describe the ... Read More »

On the front foot to effect change

Addressing Waste Our agricultural fields are polluted by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and manure. Also, the calcium carbonate that we use in today’s tooth pastes is what makes ground water harder and harder. Only 10% of the chemicals ... Read More »

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring can be considered “killer app” of the Internet of Things. The Service Council recently surveyed their members (service organizations) with IoT implementations, where they reported an average of 41% reduction in “service truck rolls”, an 11% increase in ... Read More »

The Silent Revolution

How the “Internet of Things” is changing the cleaning industry? The only constant in life is change. This is something we experience personally and individually as we pass through the different stages of our lives. These are usually small changes ... Read More »

Diatom Algae A Natural Cleaner

Removing solubles dissolved in water is tough but not impossible. What if you could remove salt from sea water by just dosing a chemical into a tank of sea water or even into the ocean itself! Removing Nutrients, Nitrogen and ... Read More »

Reviving Aquatic life Culture

India is home to a large number of beautiful lakes and great rivers spread all over the country from Kashmir to Kerala and from Rajasthan to Assam. However, in recent times, many of these water reservoirs have got depleted; some ... Read More »

Tornado Flush System

With conventional toilet bowls, people need to use brushes and a lot of cleaners to keep them clean and hygienic. TOTO, a Japanese manufacturer of bathroom furnishings and fixtures, has developed Tornado Flush technology that uses a powerful whirlpool effect to clean the bowl, effectively eliminating dirt ... Read More »

Industrial Vacs Performances

The dust levels in industries like automotive, restoration, chemical, pharmaceutical, asbestos, wood, plastics, electrical, metal and others require specific industrial vacuum cleaners for different applications. The performance of the vacuum is actually determined by the air flow rate (lt/s) and ... Read More »

Chemicals to Combat HAI

The medical care industry in India has grown multifold and upgraded its facilities by providing a clean environment or even a five star hospital experience to its patients. But to what level have hospitals upgraded their cleaning programme is a ... Read More »

Bio-digester Technology

DRDO’s recently developed Bio-Digester Technology (BDT) with zero waste formulation is now being largely implemented in various sectors to solve sanitation problems. While, BDT has been installed in railway coach toilets and general toilets on a trial basis, it is ... Read More »

Fabricating Preordained Maintenance

Fabrication workshops which give shape to our windows, gates, railings… generate a lot of dust, fumes and radioactive elements besides metal waste. Maintaining indoor air quality, cleaning and waste management are ongoing activities at the unit, says Tejinder Singh Kalsi, ... Read More »