Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Cooler Outside, More pests Inside

“Rodents don’t need much of an invitation to enter your business,” said Chelle Hartzer, an Orkin entomologist. “A rat can squeeze through an opening as small as a quarter, while a mouse can wedge its way into a hole smaller ... Read More »

Pricey Pest – A Debate

The panel of hospitality housekeepers, service providers and experts from the pest control industry included (L to R) Sulabha Vidhate, Executive Housekeeper, Ramoji Film City; Yogesh Deshmukh, Executive Housekeeper, Novotel Hotels & Resorts, Hyderabad Airport; Saravan Kumaran, Director- Housekeeping, Oakwood ... Read More »

Malaria mosquitoes becoming insecticide-resistant

The problem of drug resistant malaria is growing in Africa. There have been several reports of drug resistance on the continent. These show that there are serious challenges facing malaria treatment in Africa. The main fear is that drug resistance ... Read More »

Pest Infestation

To process preventive mechanism for pest control, what are the parameters a FM service provider must focus on? PM and FM go hand in hand: Poor sanitation provides thriving conditions for pests & pathogens. Identifying the source of the problem ... Read More »

Managing Pest Issues in the Pharma

A high level of sanitation and hygiene is a necessity in every aspect of the manufacture of drug / pharmaceutical products. The scope of sanitation and hygiene includes personnel, premises, equipment’s, production materials, storage, products for cleaning & disinfection, and ... Read More »

Curbing infestation in food areas

In the wake of the number of food parks, manufacturing units, eateries… being planned across India, Clean India Journal takes stock of the different pest control mechanisms available, particularly for the food industry. When we talk of food industry in ... Read More »

Coco-peat beats the pest

Thousands of tonnes of coconut shells, lying strewn in urban roads and sea beaches and heaping up in landfills can be grounded or powdered to use in controlling pest. According to a study conducted in Southern India by the Integrated ... Read More »

Non-toxic bed bug extermination

It is not always that a headache follows stress, respiratory problem follows congestion or nausea follows indigestion. Bed bugs can evoke such reactions in humans and so can chemical pest treatment. Are non-chemical treatments effective? A report Read More »

Vanan Pharma, Chennai-Combating issue through IPM approach

Vanan Pharma Private Ltd, one of the group companies of Apex Laboratories Private Ltd, a market leader in Neutraceuticals, has understood the demand of the hour and has installed an integrated programme by partnering with Rentokil Initial for pest management. To find out its IPM methodology, Clean India Journal visited its sprawling premises located in Kunnam village at the outskirts of Chennai. Read More »

Safe storage of food in Warehouses

Safe storage of food in warehouses has always been a challenge as there are about more than 30 different insects, several rodents, birds and other animals which may be attracted to stored food areas, causing losses and contamination problems in ... Read More »

Formulation matters in Gel Baits

Cockroach gel bait performance depends at least as much on both the attractiveness and palatability of the gel as it does on the potency of the active ingredient, reveal detailed studies by BASF Pest Control Solutions. What’s more, the appeal ... Read More »

Wooden Treat

Natural wooden material is back in the trend, giving a timeless effect which enhances any interior be it in the living or working space. Commonly pre-treated wood material is damage-resistant, but periodic maintenance and treatment make it sustainable and protect ... Read More »

Creating Synergies with Pest Experts

While keeping pest under control is an integral part of any food processing industry, working in synergy with a pest expert paves the way to effective pest management. Clean India Journal takes a tour of two Chennai-based food processing units that are being serviced by Rentokil Initial Read More »

Mosquitoes?…Beat it with flowers

The Chennai City Corporation has agreed to a novel solution to tackle its burgeoning mosquito population. It plans to import pyrethrum used in insecticide to beat the menace. The Chennai Corporation came upon some innovative measures to curb mosquitoes. Some ... Read More »

Preventive measure in pest control

The most disturbing news flashed recently in the world dailies of rodents feasting on a new born twin in a Rawalpindi hospital in Pakistan was horrifying but unfortunately this is not the first time! Many such incidents go unreported too. ... Read More »

Need for ongoing IPM in Food Processing

Food processing industry by its very nature is susceptible to attacks from various pests. The entire chain of processing from raw material to the finished product which reaches the end consumer is critical and needs to be evaluated for pest hot spots. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the way to deal with the management of pests in this industry. By addressing the underlying causes of pest infestations – access to food, water and shelter – IPM can prevent infestation before pesticides are even considered. Read More »

Preventive steps during winter

The weather outside isn’t the only thing that can be frightful during the winter – pests such as rodents, cockroaches, stored product pests, ants and flies can cause nightmares if spotted at food processing facilities. And while you may be ... Read More »