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Thursday , 23 January 2020
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Waste is just a misplaced resource. This view suggests that best way to tackle the challenge of waste management is waste minimization, or matching the waste (resource) to its place of utilization. Any other approach of waste management means manipulation of waste, just shifting it from one place to another and spending extra resources to do this. Read More »

Cleaning products with energy

Bio-Productions Ltd. Incorporating Stapro, West Sussex, UK has entered India recently distributing its products through Bangalore based Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd. The Company manufactures a range of environment friendly cleaning and water saving products and formulations using naturally derived raw materials and harmless biological compounds impacting less on the people coming in contact with the cleaning products. Mike James, Managing Director, Bio- Productions, spoke to Clean India Journal during the recent Clean India Show. Read More »

Handling E-waste effectively

It is not easy to reduce use of electrical & electronic equipment, but, it is not difficult either to deal with e-waste effectively by adopting proper methodology and technology, says B.K. Soni, Chairman, Eco Recycling Ltd, Mumbai Read More »

Handling waste in the right way

Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd is the largest solid waste management company with over 60 locations spread all over India…Ravi Kant, Managing Director, talks about the technology behind the success story. Read More »

Hygienic maintenance of Ventilation systems

Modern building users expect a high degree of comfort and safety and the successful employer will strive to achieve high standards to ensure the optimum health and productivity of his employees. HVAC systems form an important component of the building and can represent up to 35% of the cost of a new building. Despite this the hygienic maintenance of the major HVAC component, the ductwork system, is often ignored, perhaps because the systems are ‘out of sight and out of mind’. Read More »

Chennai’s Cleaning Challenges

Though uncontrolled urbanisation in Chennai has placed a heavy stress on solid waste management, studies reveal that the City is among the few urban local bodies in the country which have prepared long term plans for effective solid waste management. Shobha Menon reports. Read More »

Being close to customer

Gala Brush Ltd. has been associated with cleanliness since 1986. It was a modest start by two young entrepreneur brothers Chandrakant Gala and Mayur Gala. They learnt the ropes of business from their father late Lalji Gala, who ran a ... Read More »

Facility Management Practices, Perceptions …And Partnerships

India’s economic growth and infrastructure development have triggered outsourcing of maintenance of facilities and selected administrative functions by organisations. Facility Management companies provide integrated services. But the term Facility Management is the most misunderstood terminology today. In a first-of -its ... Read More »

Why you need to clean your PC

At this very moment, dust bunnies may have your PC in a death grip. Germs are certainly gathering atop your mouse and keyboard, ready to assault your immune system. And your screen…well, chances are it has become smudge central. Even ... Read More »

DULEVO It’s all about ‘Speed’

In April, this year, Dulevo International opened Dulevo India Private Limited to make available the complete range of its cleaning equipment in the Indian market. Vincenzo Geddes Da Filicaia, Managing Director of Dulevo International was in India recently. He, along with Sumeet Khurana, Director, Dulevo India, spoke to Clean India Journal. Read More »

Working towards a beautiful Chennai

Education and awareness of waste segregation is the key to better waste management and the way forward to a clean and green environment, says Vinay Maheshwari, Director, Neel Metal Fanalca, India   When did NMF start operations in India? Neel ... Read More »

Sustainability and the ‘Green Dollar’?

While there is an abundance of media attention given towards companies and organisations needing to act in a more socially responsible manner and in turn limit their environmental footprint, many within the Indian cleaning industry are questioning what it all ... Read More »