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Deciding to Dry Clean

An in-depth analysis of real-world cleaning scenarios for troublesome fabrics The first event that makes most cleaners consider dry cleaning a fabric is this common request from a customer: “I have a fabric that has a label stating that it ... Read More »

Interactive Bathrooms by 2021

A perfect bathroom with lighting, water temperature plus electronic walls, shower curtains showing TV, internet or social networking sites… this is what they will be like in 10 years, according to a team of designers, psychologists and engineers. They said ... Read More »

International Convention on Pest Management

The Indian Pest Control Association recently hosted the 23rd FAOPMA (Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers Associations) Annual Convention 2011 along with the 44th IPCA Annual Convention & Exhibition. Speaking to CIJ, Nikhil Chatterjee, Convenor of FAOPMA said, “Pest ... Read More »

Cost Matters in Cleaning Matters – Striking a Balance

The reluctance to shake out of the comforts of the existing cleaning system and the unwillingness to incur additional expenses in implementing innovative cleaning systems are globally being viewed as impediments to adopting standard cleaning or eco-friendly practices. In India, the going is rougher, as the very proposal to introduce better practices using eco-products or systems is directly associated with costs and thus evaded by both the client and the service provider. Mohana M discusses the topic with leading housekeeping and facility service providers to assess the challenges & solutions Read More »

Smart Washrooms 5 Air-care Systems

Fragrances have the magical power of elevating our mood or at times even soothing our ruffled minds. Our Sense of smell has a strong impact on the perception we have on our surroundings. Everyone hates an unpleasant odour, especially in washrooms and there are ample studies highlighting that fragrances have a positive effects to reduce stress and support intellectual activities. Clean India Journal brings to you the importance of Odour Control System in a Smart Washroom. Read More »

Hygiene Management of FHC units

The high infection risk presented by FHC units results from the waste inside the unit which includes traces left on the lid or the ‘modesty flap’ and the internal surfaces of the unit. These areas provide a breeding ground for ... Read More »

Plasma Waste Disposal

There is a great and scorching problem in contemporary, fast growing society, namely creation of huge amount of noxious refuse, called municipal waste, which is more and more dangerous to natural environment that we belong to. All of these materials ... Read More »

The making of a Green Village

Beside a beautiful hillock under the rolling clouds amid rustling winds and lush greenery is the eco-village developed by social activist and Sangli Zilla Parishad member Subhash Patil. Hatnur, located in the Sangli district of Maharashtra, having a population of ... Read More »

Eco initiatives of Green Hotel

Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, Pune, is the only hotel in Pune and in the Marriott chain to be awarded LEED Gold Certification by the Indian Green Building Council. Balan Paravantavida, General Manager, gives a brief account of the eco-friendly ... Read More »

It wasn’t me

When things are just not right and everything seems to go wrong… the sweeper brush moves zig-zag, the handle gets tipsy, the wheels do a roller coaster, the dispenser lid pops up, the chemical goes flying up, floor pad screw jumps out… What would you do? What ensues is an argument between the service provider and the equipment supplier... Read More »

Smart Washrooms 4 Feminine Hygiene Care Units

While it is essential that hands are dried as one leaves the washroom to avoid accumulation of bacteria, it is equally essential to leave behind a clean washroom to avoid contamination and spread of bacteria. One major issue confronting most washrooms in India is the lack of right method of disposing off feminine hygiene products. It is either flushed down the toilet or is discarded in a common dustbin. The former results in choked sewer lines and the latter spreads contamination. The impact of leaving behind sanitary waste in a common bin that could be noticed by the next user or the janitors is demoralising. Corporate offices are slowly installing the feminine hygiene care (FHC) units and sporting a Smart Washroom, especially for their female staff. Clean India Journal spoke to some of the end users who are usings FHC units. Read More »

Recycling Revolution

Recycling dry waste has been successfully adopted in most countries but recycling AHPs (Absorbent Hygiene Products), consisting of nappies, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence product wastes, has been made possible in the UK through a patented technology introduced by Knowaste Ltd Read More »

The Alpha and Omega of Hotel Operations

When choosing a hotel to stay in, guests tend to consider factors like the location, the amenities offered and the size of rooms. The cleanliness of the property is often taken for granted. Think about it… If you failed to notice that long strand of hair in your bathtub, would you worry about the cleanliness in your room? Read More »

Sweeper-Actor Does a clean act

More than 52 slums in Kalyani, North Kolkatta, have achieved in making their township open defecation free. Sanitation stage shows have encouraged villagers in not only making toilets in their homes but also taught them to keep them clean. Read More »