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Tapping Waste Water for Drinking

In dry countries like Israel, Egypt, and Australia, treated wastewater is used for industry, landscaping and agriculture purposes. But worldwide, a few countries put it directly into their drinking water supplies. In Durban, South Africa, the demand for water has outstripped supply so much that the authorities are now planning to recycle municipality’s sewage and purify it to drinking quality standards.

HOUSEKEEPING: Advantage Wipes & Mops

Industries such as healthcare, food processing, heavy engineering and hospitality are sectors which essentially require special wipes & mops for various applications. While conventional cotton cloths still top the demand, microfibres & disposable wipes are showing increasing user acceptance due to their easy-to-use, higher disposability index and hygiene level gradation properties.

Vanan Pharma, Chennai-Combating issue through IPM approach

Vanan Pharma Private Ltd, one of the group companies of Apex Laboratories Private Ltd, a market leader in Neutraceuticals, has understood the demand of the hour and has installed an integrated programme by partnering with Rentokil Initial for pest management. To find out its IPM methodology, Clean India Journal visited its sprawling premises located in Kunnam village at the outskirts of Chennai.

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