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Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Better management of hospital waste

Despite strict enforcement of laws on dumping of bio medical waste, cases of illegal dumping of medical waste mixed with municipal solid waste has become rampant in city based hospitals across the country. Dr Suleman Merchant, Dean, LTMG Hospital, Mumbai, ... Read More »

Mosquitoes?…Beat it with flowers

The Chennai City Corporation has agreed to a novel solution to tackle its burgeoning mosquito population. It plans to import pyrethrum used in insecticide to beat the menace. The Chennai Corporation came upon some innovative measures to curb mosquitoes. Some ... Read More »

Tiger in Tadoba

It is fun spending a few days in a jungle resort and being part of Nature. However, school boy Nikhil Ramakrishnan found that there was still scope for reducing littering and improving washroom conditions. During my three year stay in ... Read More »


How many housekeepers should be deployed to service 50,000sqft area of a university or school? For an area of 50,000sqft, we must first decide the activities and frequency. If it has clear floor area of roughly 35,000sqft, and considering it ... Read More »

Clean India Show 2012-Exclusive Laundry Pavilion

Healthcare, hospitality, laundromat, commercial laundries, hostels, construction, railways and manufacturing industries including pharma, automobile, food processing and others sought laundry solutions at the Clean India Show. In a major initiative to provide an exclusive platform for the nascent laundry industry ... Read More »

SLAs – Creating Collaborative Negotiations

The need for professionalism has increased now more than ever. The service providers as well as the customers have now realised the importance of maintaining service contracts that clearly define requirements and thereby, help strengthen their relationship while working together. Read More »

Vectair launches Femcare MVP range

Vectair Systems, UK, has teamed up with The Eve Appeal gynaecological cancer research charity to raise awareness through the launch of its Femcare MVP range of feminine hygiene units. In the UK, 50 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer ... Read More »

Indian Crisis Scenario – A Report

For the first time in the history of India, the year 2012 saw several public protests against improper waste management all across India – from the northernmost State of Jammu and Kashmir to the southernmost Tamil Nadu. A fight for ... Read More »

Preventive measure in pest control

The most disturbing news flashed recently in the world dailies of rodents feasting on a new born twin in a Rawalpindi hospital in Pakistan was horrifying but unfortunately this is not the first time! Many such incidents go unreported too. ... Read More »

Proper maintenance of polished concrete floor

The increasing preference of people for polished concrete floor has led to a compelling need to have a more focused approach to maintenance. The customer as well as the service provider have realized the importance of having proper knowledge in polished concrete floor maintenance. Read More »

Effectively Realising Synergies in the Supply-Service Chain?

In the supply-service-serviced chain, identifying, quantifying, executing, and tracking synergies across the portfolio of deals and deeds among the three, increase the profitability of the companies involved. To provide industry players opportunities to learn best practices through effective synergies in successful models, Mohana M discusses the successful collaboration between equipment supplier & service provider and service provider & end user. Read More »

Consistency in maintaining cleaning systems is The Key to Hygiene

Merger Beverages Pvt Ltd at Baikampady has an upgraded fully automatic plant registered under the Food Safety and Standards act, 2006. Merger has been serving quality soft drinks and aerated water to the customers in South Karnataka Districts of Mangalore and Udipi for more than three decades under the brand name of Merger Soda, Coolem and Oyes. Read More »

What are Facility Costs?

Let’s face it, the cost associated with employees, payroll, and benefits are the largest operational cost for most businesses. Then what are these facility costs which add to operational expenses? Read More »

Need for ongoing IPM in Food Processing

Food processing industry by its very nature is susceptible to attacks from various pests. The entire chain of processing from raw material to the finished product which reaches the end consumer is critical and needs to be evaluated for pest hot spots. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the way to deal with the management of pests in this industry. By addressing the underlying causes of pest infestations – access to food, water and shelter – IPM can prevent infestation before pesticides are even considered. Read More »

Handling pH control of Industrial Wastewater

Case: At a small county wastewater treatment plant in Ohio the principal source of waste water was a soft drink bottling plant and the original design included both acid and base chemical addition directly at the plant using feedback control. ... Read More »

Diversey Success Strategy

Value Addition in Customer Servicing Diversey, now a part of SealedAir, continues its strategy of customer focus. Himanshu Jain, VP-Indian Subcontinent, SealedAir, speaks to Mohana M What has been the strategy behind Diversey’s success in reaching out to several industry ... Read More »