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Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Know your facts perc & hydrocarbon

In the series of articles featured in Clean India Journal, Laundry Expert Vijay Rodda has shared his experiences gathered over four decades in the hospitality industry. Here are some facts about Percs and Hydrocarbon, commonly used in dry cleaning. The ... Read More »

The ‘magical’ plastic

Plastic, a major pollutant due to its nondegradable properties, is yet an essential product that is widely used. However, new ecofriendly technological developments available globally, are now being made available in India too. HPL Additives Ltd, a premium player in ... Read More »

Robot to fold clothes

Over the decades, linen wash has experienced many a technology rendering easy processes and quality results. However, there is much to be done where clothes folding is concerned. The progress made in robotic technology is amazing and promising. A report: ... Read More »


Changing lifestyle and expectations of guests are largely contributing to the pace of change in the facilities and services being offered in the hospitality industry. Mobiles, tabs, laptops, wi-fi, applications, social media… play an essential role in the next gen ... Read More »


Raising the bar in terms of service quality and customer loyalty, the global hotel chains with corporate practices and guest services are striving to become customer favourites. The department of housekeeping that forms the face and holds the pulse of ... Read More »


The housekeepers’ have the most dynamic and multi-tasking role in the hospitality industry. Choices and decisions abound their everyday routines. Some of the executive housekeepers who are at the top of their game share with Vijayalakshmi Sridhar what they look ... Read More »


ETW Energietechnik GmbH has come up with an innovative solution that improves the feasibility of landfill gas and other combined heat and power (CHPs). Already closed landfills struggle with shrinking gas qualities and quantities. Existing CHPs than have to be ... Read More »


Decades ago, soaps, alkaline salts and bleach were mainly used to treat linen by most laundries. However, in time the compositions have evolved to suit various linen treatment requirements. Laundry expert Vijay Rodda elaborates… The detergent sector in the laundry ... Read More »


In a recent article published in The Guardian, it has been reported that Rio authorities have partnered with Coca-Cola to fund the Rio Olympics waste pickers programme. One of Brazil’s most marginalised professions is in the limelight today. Claudete Da ... Read More »

RootsSweep RB 100

Features Powder coated heavy duty steel chassis for maximum protection Easy to operate, self-explanatory operating panel for minimal operator training Battery operated for quieter indoor and outdoor operation 80 Litre hopper for greater debris storage and lesser clean-up time Filter ... Read More »

Auto Soap Dispenser

The Auto Soap Dispenser is a touch free foaming gel wash system that delivers an exceptionally luxurious, hygienic hand washing experience and encourages more frequent and thorough hand washing. Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye free formulation and Green Seal approval Provides ... Read More »

Recycled energy for Thailand

Residents of Pa Deng, a village in Thailand have stumbled on the most organic, renewable source of cow manure for generating energy. The second largest consumer of energy in South East Asia, Thailand that has always been using fossil fuels ... Read More »

Quality Matters in Cleaning Tools

The simple brush used for cleaning clothes has evolved from its wooden natural fibre state to plastic today but it serves the same purpose. “However, now the demand for making cleaning tools machines with high production capacity has gone up. ... Read More »

Thematic Swachh campaign for National Parks

In an endeavour to outreach citizen and communities, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has decided to organise its thematic Swachh campaign in National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves and Zoos, which attract lakhs of visitors, especially youth and ... Read More »

Treating MSW the Japanese way

The Environmental Recycling System, a patented technology from Japan can effectively act on organic matter present in mixed waste. The process creates the perfect condition for high-speed multiplication of microorganisms and the rapid treatment of waste. VARIOUS ENVIRONMENT friendly options ... Read More »