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Preventive Maintenance for Laundry Equipment

Adjusting work schedule, plugging leaks and having optimum operations are all part of preventive maintenance. Laundry managers of five-star hotels share their expertise on how preventive maintenance programme go a long way in enhancing the equipment life and efficiency. Read More »

Detergents: Liquid or Powder?

There is a fundamental shift on the laundry wash floor – from several floor attendants manually handling the wash to fully/semi-automated linen wash systems with fewer attendants. This has not only influenced the operations and turnaround wash cycle but also the various components applied in the wash process. Detergents, a major component in the process, come in both liquid and powder forms. Are liquid detergents better than powder? How, Why… Clean India Journal asked some of the laundry surfactant suppliers. Read More »

What causes Piling,Redeposition,shrinkage?

When laundry and linen distribution managers are faced with quality issues regarding their linen products, the root cause could be their equipment, the ways the textiles are being processed, or even the textiles themselves. Read More »

Apollo Hospital

When it comes to hospitals like Apollo, a stream of linen reaches the laundry each day. From blood stained to contaminated sheets / gowns are fed into the washer 24/7 at the laundry section set up within the premises of the hospital. Executive Housekeeper of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, Dipti Verma,who is also in charge of the laundry section, speaks to Mohana M.on the challenges & advantages of hospital laundry and the newer systems to handle them. Read More »

Coin laundry in India

When door-to-door collection and delivery in the retail laundry segment hit the Indian market, people were agog with the comfort it brought with it. It meant no carrying loads of clothes to the nearest outlet for dry cleaning, then again ... Read More »

Caring for your cloth

It is important to follow correct laundry procedures to obtain best results. Each fabric merits a different washcycle and should be adhered to, to prolong its longevity. Laundry procedures for different fabrics A good laundry facility ensures careful handling of ... Read More »

Clean India Show 2010

Championing Cleanliness… “Why is the Show only for three days? You need to keep it open for a week.” This spontaneous reaction by Smt Sheila Dikshit, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, at the Clean India Show 2010 at NSIC ... Read More »

Rising Industrial Laundry Market – A Report

India has a huge market for laundry business which is yet to be tapped to its potential. However, with the coming up of a number of hospitals & hotels and even the Indian Railways turning to outsourcing of laundry activities, ... Read More »

Green Wash

When everybody is talking green, should we not look at green laundry too? After the refrigerator, undoubtedly the washing machine adds on to the environmental issues with the various not-so-green laundry products that go down the drain. To begin with, ... Read More »

Handling linen the right way

A good laundry facility ensures careful handling of linen articles while laundering, processing and using of suitable laundry agent. While materials are kept white, excessive bleach is not used, proper counting done & records maintained to avoid shortages of linen, ... Read More »

Benefits of Ozone Laundry

Ozone – which, simply put, is oxygen plus an extra atom (O3) as opposed to (O2) is formed when oxygen comes into contact with highly charged electrical energy. Systems that generate ozone and inject it into laundry water can dramatically ... Read More »

Low Temperature System: The future of On Premise Laundry

Cost effectiveness, energy/water efficiency, affluent reduction and extended linen life are some of the advantages of low temperature system which the On Premise Laundry (OPL) segment is largely looking at. Healthcare organisations, hotels and large flight kitchens launder their linen ... Read More »

Cleaning Laundry Ducts

The hospital’s dryers could hardly dry the clothes anymore and the lint buildup was so bad that the fire inspector had cited the place.” So begins the story by one of Action Duct Cleaning’s technicians of a Los Angeles medical ... Read More »

The changing dry cleaning trends

People today are far more concerned about the air they breathe, the water they drink and the chemicals they use in their day-to-day life, whether it is for cleaning or washing. Use of chemicals in laundry has been an age ... Read More »

Managing linen efficiently

Laundry is a place where linen comes in bulk from various customers and goes out in batches with the right linen reaching the right customer. “This accuracy is what we ensure,” says Anne de Boer, President of Netherlands-based ABS Laundry ... Read More »

Professional laundry in India – A long way off

The Indian laundry sector, though in the last decade has seen tremendous growth and demand, is still largely unorganised with just a few professional houses servicing the hospitality industry. It is still the traditional dhobi, who is opted for at ... Read More »

Bathroom linen:White is right

Bathrooms in hotels have remained a crucial factor in guests deciding on the room for their stay. In some cases it reflects the guest’s choice of preference of a hotel. Hotels are investing a huge amount to maintain and upkeep their bathrooms. But a bathroom is incomplete without the right bath linen. Read More »