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Linen Care and Energy Efficiency

Laundry plays an important part in building and augmenting the service provided by a hotel. But it comes at a price. Laundry raises the biggest energy bill of a hotel. Vanita Nair Reports…. Read More »

Washing with Oxygen

Globally, newer technologies are being tried and tested for better results in spinning out whiter linen. What is ozone laundry all about? Read More »

Clean India Show 2012-Exclusive Laundry Pavilion

Healthcare, hospitality, laundromat, commercial laundries, hostels, construction, railways and manufacturing industries including pharma, automobile, food processing and others sought laundry solutions at the Clean India Show. In a major initiative to provide an exclusive platform for the nascent laundry industry ... Read More »

Q & A

How do you remove lotion stains on bath towels? An emulsifying laundry detergent in multiple baths should help in the removal of the lotion/oil stains. With cotton textiles, additional concentration of alkali will help pull oil out of the fabric. ... Read More »

Measuring Whiteness

In general, 100% cotton or cotton blends will be perceived as whiter by making them less yellow. And to make them less yellow we automatically make the colour of the product appear bluer. Visually blue and yellow are opposites and ... Read More »

White Linen Measurement & Replacement

In the world of hospitality, laundry plays a pivotal role in enhancing the image and reputation of the hotel. Laundry managers are always on their toes trying to find better ways and means to deliver sparkling white linen. In Western countries, among the various methods adopted stained towels and linen are also cleaned using white powder stain blaster before putting them into a big round tub bin for soaking in hot water for a few days. This gives amazing results both in terms of the whiteness and life of towels and linen. Laundry Managers face a stiff challenge when it comes to linen losses, replacement and its cost. In fact, there are a variety of factors on which linen losses, replacement and its cost depends, viz., location of the facility, storage and distribution system of linen and security cover, whether the laundry is washed within the premise or is washed outside, type of equipment used to wash, quality of water, services provided by the hotel, type of fabric used, linen usage per occupied room, adequate par levels, and enforcement of quality assurance programme. Read More »

Ironing Technology

The Girbau group, with over 50 years of experience in the laundry segment, is expanding in the Indian market through Girbau India. Many of its industrial and commercial laundry products are being installed in various premises; the latest being the ... Read More »

High Quality at low temperatures

Power consumption is one of the major concerns when it comes to running laundry machines. A whopping amount of energy just goes to heat the water for washing clothes! “But, high quality results can be maintained even at low temperatures,” says Abderrahim Cedrati, General Manager, Burnus General Trading LLC, Dubai. Read More »

Choosing the right dryer

Dryers are no longer bulky laundry machines but sophisticated equipment that have redefined the user interface. Consumers are choosing models that rely on sensors and advanced technology. What may seem like an expensive investment initially, the convenience and energy efficiency ... Read More »

Testing for Quality

A lot of technologies are taken up for laboratory tests to ascertain their success rates. Clean India Journal met Thomas Leucht of Weber & Leucht GmbH, a German based testing laboratory, at the ISSA Interclean, Amsterdam. He shared the various ... Read More »

High speed Washer Extractors

The Girbau 6HS series of high speed washer extractors is available in six different models. The 6HS series is free-standing and does not require any type of bolting down, facilitating fast and easy installment. The new washers of the 6 ... Read More »

Dirt busting enzymes for cleaning power

Scientists are reporting development and successful testing of a way to reuse – hundreds of times – the expensive, dirt-busting enzymes that boost the cleaning power of laundry detergents and powdered bleaches that now disappear down the drain. The discovery ... Read More »

Nanodiamonds for low temperature wash

Nanodiamonds, pieces of carbon less than ten-thousandths the diameter of a human hair, have been found to help loosen crystallized fat from surfaces in a project led by research chemists at the University of Warwick that transforms the ability of ... Read More »

Automatic Washer Extractors

Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH, a Germany-based manufacturer of laundry equipment, has a series of washer extractors in the LX400 range with varying capacity. The LX425 is of 115kg, LX445 is of 200kg and LX460 is 270kg capacity. Lavatec washer extractors ... Read More »