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Wednesday , 24 July 2019
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Housekeeping:The Kitchen Wipes

For professionals in restaurants, bars and kitchens, Wettex® as kitchen wipe has been introduced as highly absorbing, wet wiping solution. It absorbs up to 10 times its own weight. Read More »

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Workplace kitchens are dangerously dirty to the point that they could cause illness, new research suggests. It has been revealed that half of the surfaces in workplace kitchens is contaminated by dangerously high levels of coliforms – the bacteria present ... Read More »

Investing in safe access & cleaning systems

Façade access system or façade cleaning system that has evolved from access engineering and access equipment came to the fore in the late 90s. Ever since, a lot of buildings requiring exterior façades access system with different configurations have come ... Read More »

Need for skilled manpower

The hospitality industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds, and poised to become the second largest employer in the world by 2019. Housekeeping, which forms the heart of the hospitality industry, is keeping pace with the growth. The ... Read More »

Creating better synergies through KPIs

The continuous growth of the cleaning industry in the last few years has led to the emergence of professional service providers and end users who believe in not only defining and setting standards but also in finding modes to effectively ... Read More »


How many housekeepers should be deployed to service 50,000sqft area of a university or school? For an area of 50,000sqft, we must first decide the activities and frequency. If it has clear floor area of roughly 35,000sqft, and considering it ... Read More »

Clarity in norms required for manufacturing sector

Having launched new chemicals and tools for professional cleaning, Revachem has a growing presence in pharma, healthcare and hospitality sectors and is now focusing on industrial and manufacturing segment. In an interview with Clean India Journal, Jigar Shah, Proprietor, shares ... Read More »

Investing in Building Image

Heading the Abad chain of Resorts and Hotels in Kerala as the Corporate Manager-Housekeeping, Bindu Pravish believes that investing in the housekeeping department is important to maintain the image of a hotel. In a brief interview with CIJ at her ... Read More »

and the beat goes on….

Training for kitchen hygiene is like pounding a rhythm to the brain… repetitive and consistent! Induction training according to SOPs must be followed by supervision to make sure that it is put into practice. This coupled with constant monitoring and re-training is the only formula for success in achieving high standards of kitchen hygiene. Read More »

For a Few Dollars More!

Housekeeping in hotels today has become a complex and multifarious activity, changing from being perceived as a non-revenue generating operation to being considered as the face of the organisation. All this is possible only when the housekeeper is well trained. ... Read More »

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls make up the majority of general industry accidents. Wet or damp floors are not the only cause of slip, trip and fall accidents within the facility. Clutter, footwear and improper cleaning can also cause hazards for both employees and building occupants alike. In fact, according to reports, 50% facility accidents can actually be attributed to the type of flooring used. Regardless of cause, these accidents can cost facilities big bucks in unemployment and liability claims. Read More »

Housekeeping as a career option

“At first, when I had to take up training in a hotel, I was sceptical as I had to handle housekeeping which I thought is directly associated with just cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! It is only when I went there, ... Read More »

Selling – Direct or Indirect?

Any equipment manufacturer/supplier would prefer to supply his machines in the simplest way, i.e., directly to the end user company. The profit margin is more, the payment is safe and servicing of the equipment is easier, as there is less mishandling by the operators. On the other hand, when selling to the service providers, the payment can be delayed and there can be equipment breakdowns because of handling by unskilled workers. However, selling to service providers makes more business sense as the market is wider and many equipment suppliers do prefer this route. Therefore, the question here is how an equipment supplier can manage to continue supplying machines to service providers and yet get the payment on time. Read More »

Cost Matters in Cleaning Matters – Striking a Balance

The reluctance to shake out of the comforts of the existing cleaning system and the unwillingness to incur additional expenses in implementing innovative cleaning systems are globally being viewed as impediments to adopting standard cleaning or eco-friendly practices. In India, the going is rougher, as the very proposal to introduce better practices using eco-products or systems is directly associated with costs and thus evaded by both the client and the service provider. Mohana M discusses the topic with leading housekeeping and facility service providers to assess the challenges & solutions Read More »

Eco initiatives of Green Hotel

Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, Pune, is the only hotel in Pune and in the Marriott chain to be awarded LEED Gold Certification by the Indian Green Building Council. Balan Paravantavida, General Manager, gives a brief account of the eco-friendly ... Read More »