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Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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The eco-friendly solution to clean oil spills and oily sludge Environmental hazards caused by oil spills include Threat of swift-spreading fires, both on land and in water Large-scale loss biodiversity, more so for marine life Ground water pollution due to ... Read More »

Local water management & community participation

Experiences have shown that local resources management yields results which are economically efficient, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable. Water scarcity threatens us all – menacing well-being, jeopardising livelihoods and sometimes endangering lives. As reported by the United Nations Population Fund ... Read More »

Natural cleaning agents

If people are aware about the ill-effects of using chemicals in everyday cleaning and their impact on health and environment, probably they would then start using natural or green products instead. Natural cleaners are biodegradable, low in toxicity and therefore, much less harmful. Even the grey water containing green cleaners are suitable for reuse in gardens. Natural cleaning agents are safe, cheap and effective. Read More »

Collective Water Management Through Water Banks

Agro-scientist Arun Deshpande has converted a dry watershed into a water bank that stores five crore litres of water at Ankoli village in the district of Solapur, Maharashtra. Water audit played a major role in this transformation. It was just ... Read More »

Essential Killer

Growing unsafe practices adopted by various sectors be it construction, e-waste disposal or for that matter cell phone radiations are all adding up to air pollution at an alarming rate, says Brigadier S V S Choudhary, Chairman-Safety & Quality Forum, ... Read More »

Healthy School Environment

There is a direct connection between environmental quality, comfort, health and wellbeing, positive attitudes and behaviour and higher levels of educational performance. It is based on the premise that children have a right to basic facilities such as school toilets, ... Read More »

Eureka Forbes rural water supply initiative

The mission of Rural Drinking Water Supply programme under the Ministry of Rural Development aims at providing safe drinking water in adequate quantity to all rural habitation in the country, including rural schools and anganwadis. Due to a variety of ... Read More »

India: Turning Old into Gold

More and more individuals and organisations are practising the concept of recycling in their everyday lives. Discarding the largely western culture of use-and-throw, many are now into using and reusing products. Worn-out clothes or ill-fitting shoes need not land in ... Read More »

Rainwater harvesting, a must

Many Indian cities, including metros, are facing pure water scarcity. Domestic water use in the country is projected to nearly double in less than 30 years, from 21 cubic kilometres (km3) to 41km3 in 2025. In 2025, India will consume ... Read More »

Rs2 per day for clean drinking water

In order to help women in this regard, MEI, a Nagpur-based environmental NGO, has initiated steps to involve women in developmental activities regarding provision for safe drinking water & health and hygiene at home. The NGO’s programme designed for village ... Read More »

Women & water woes

Civil society and NGOs are talking about a decentralised approach to water management initiatives with women at the centre. The framework should reflect the complex water situation and ground realities; or else, women will continue to bear the entire burden of having to provide water to the family. Read More »

Commercial production of vermicompost

Extensive use of inorganic chemicals and fertilizers on farm land has caused considerable damage to the health of the soil and the people, and the environment in general. Even animal products such as milk and meat are polluted through high ... Read More »

Water – Abuse or reuse?

Increased consumption and wastage are leading to depleting water levels. Are we at all concerned about our younger generation?, asks Prem C Jain, CMD, Spectral Services Consultants Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Read More »