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No wastage of water

Clean water for poor To support the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan drive, KENT Ro in association with the Art of Living brought clean drinking water to the doorsteps of the residents of Govindpuri slum, New Delhi (Navjeevan Camp) by distributing 500 ... Read More »

Smog Free Tower

RAPID RISE in air pollution all around and in cities in particular has worsened smog occurrence and extended its duration. Smog is basically derived from the merging of two words; smoke and fog. Smog is also used to describe the ... Read More »

Eco-logical Water Quality Criteria for Zero Discharge

This case study outlines eco-logical research carried out ‘in collaboration with Nature’ that has evolutionary experience of 460 crore years. Focus was on developing simple criteria and test methods that can be used by ordinary person in the field, without ... Read More »

Effective disinfection technology Ozonation vs UF

“What is the most effective method of disinfection for treated sewage water, Ozonation or Ultra Filtration? How much can we expect from Ozonation?” asks Tajuddin Shaik, Assistant Manager-Sales and Proposals, Zion Enviro Systems Pvt Ltd. Excerpts of a Linkedin Discussion. ... Read More »

Tapping domestic retail market for cleaning equipment

While the industrial and commercial markets for cleaning have witnessed remarkable growth, the domestic/residential market still remains an unorganised selling space. There are ranges of products listed online as well as in the trade channels. However, efforts to educate the ... Read More »

Tackling low F:M ratio and high OD

There is no ideal Food to Microorganism (F:M) ratio that will work for all activated sludge treatment systems as the wastewater treatment system varies from place to place with unique ideal or optimal F:M ratio. The best F:M ratio for ... Read More »

Exalting sanitation for socialisation

Toilet Park at the Harijan Ashram premises in Ahmedabad stands distinct as it has been designed on the philosophy of Gandhiji and aims to raise awareness about sanitation issues. As his toilet park project is about to complete, Yatin Pandya, ... Read More »

Delhi: Achieving ODF status

With the fact that nearly 35% of Delhi slum dwellers still practise open defecation, most of community and public toilets in the capital remains non-functional; the present scenario doesn’t seem to meet the goals of Delhi Master Plan for making ... Read More »

Smokeless Stoves

Clean cook stoves will promote clean household energy that can in turn help to achieve environmental sustainability as well as improved air quality within the household. A report on how smokeless stoves in rural areas can keep homes warm without ... Read More »

Reducing Indoor Pollutants

Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. Usually the best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollutants and ventilate a home with clean outdoor air… But opportunities for ventilation ... Read More »


Controlling Contamination   In the pharmaceutical industry, Cipla Ltd has an effective cleaning programme in place. The facility has mechanisms to control potential carryover of products, including intermediates and impurities, cleaning agents and extraneous material. “This will keep the contamination ... Read More »

Shipping – Good Environment Practices

  A shipyard that designs, builds and repairs ships is a place where the industrial process has to be modelled in such a way that the chances of pollution, contamination, emission of poisonous gases and generation of toxic waste are ... Read More »

Commercial Kitchen FOG Management

Oil and grease are vital components in commercial kitchen operations. According to a research, the US restaurants produce about 25 billion gallons of used cooking oil every week. There are no official figures about the same in India, but with ... Read More »

Ground water purification A Necessity

The source for most of the domestic and industrial water the world over, is groundwater obtained through wells or springs. In its natural state, groundwater can usually be used without purification. But the contamination levels in India are very high, ... Read More »

French town makes Environment everyone’s Business

Conserving energy and making developments for sustainable progress have become a necessity. Small towns have led the way in lowering its energy usage. One such town is Besançon in France. Located 325km from Paris, Besançon is known as the environmental ... Read More »

Need for A greener solution

Acceptance of green cleaning chemical is higher in the developed countries like Europe, Canada and the US when compared to India. Experts say that the growth and acceptance for these chemicals in India, however, depends upon their usage and customer ... Read More »

Tiger in Tadoba

It is fun spending a few days in a jungle resort and being part of Nature. However, school boy Nikhil Ramakrishnan found that there was still scope for reducing littering and improving washroom conditions. During my three year stay in ... Read More »

Handling pH control of Industrial Wastewater

Case: At a small county wastewater treatment plant in Ohio the principal source of waste water was a soft drink bottling plant and the original design included both acid and base chemical addition directly at the plant using feedback control. ... Read More »