Wednesday , 3 June 2020
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Toilet Bio Blocks

The biological urinal blocks, Toss Blocks, supplied by Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorize urinal traps and pipes, enabling reduction in water usage. A typical urinal need only be flushed about three times each ... Read More »

Walk Behind Sweeper

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd introduces 505 ET, a walk behind sweeper using battery with GEL technology. This machine ensures 150 minutes of running time. Features • Great Productivity • Ergonomics, User Friendly • Low maintenance Costs • Robust Construction ... Read More »

High Pressure Washers

Roots Multiclean Ltd offers a range of heavy-duty, high pressure washers includes diesel-fired hot water High-Pressure Washer with new features. Hydroblast 200 H Features • Offers maximum temperature of 140°C and Pressure of 200 bar • Triplex plunger pump with ... Read More »

Drain Cleaning Solution

Revachemical Pvt. Ltd introduces REVA DCL, an effective liquid to clear choked drains. Technical Specification Physical/ Chemical Characteristics Appearance : Clear liquid Odour : Characteristic Specific Gravity : 1.10-1.20 pH : More than 12 Applications REVA DCL is effective at ... Read More »

Housekeeping Trolleys

ARCORA International GmbH has extended its Bora Basic Line with four new models. Features • Buckets using colour system for guaranteed hygiene • Racks are made of recycled products • Many flexible storage options • Removable and compatible with each ... Read More »

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Astol Cleantech Pvt. Ltd’s STAR TTV 30, Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, is ideal for the mechanical industry as well as for the food and pharmaceutical sectors Technical Specification • Tank Capacity: 80 lt • Power Supply: 230/50-60 V/Hz • ... Read More »

Orbital Floor Cleaning Machine

ARCORA International GmbH introduces Orbital Heavy OR17, an orbital machine with a combination of eccentric and rotary motions. The oscillating head is adaptable to all surfaces and enables working on uneven floors. The robust construction, weighing 71.5kg and the user ... Read More »

Multipurpose Cleaner

Revachemical Pvt. Ltd has introduced Reva Disinfectant (Multipurpose cleaner) with unique formulation that kills up to 99% germs. Technical Specification Appearance: Orange Red colored liquid. Odour: Perfumed Solubility in Water: Soluble pH: 6.50 – 7.50 Applications Reva disinfectant multipurpose cleaner`s ... Read More »

Industrial High-Pressure Washers

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s Industrial High-Pressure Washers- Cold Water, PW – C55 D 2515 PT, is a unique smart technology machine. The cold water Pressure washer PWC55 is delivering performances – up to 900ltr/hr and up to 250bar (25Mpa) ... Read More »

Industrial Sweepers

The Battery Operated KM 120/250 R Classic industrial sweeper from Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd is an entry class machine for heavy-duty applications. It is also available in Diesel. It is suitable for cleaning rough and heavy dirt as well ... Read More »

Escalator / Travellator Cleaner

Escalators and travellators are common in high traffic places like airports, railway stations, malls, supermarkets and others. How to keep them neat and tidy? How fast it should be cleaned? How to reduce the cost of maintenance?… Roots Multiclean Ltd ... Read More »

Battery operated walk-behind scrubber drier

Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd introduces BD 50/50 C Bp Classic *IN which is now Made In India. With the BD 50/50 walk-behind scrubber drier, Kärcher brings to the market a compact model in the Classic range. This machine has ... Read More »

Washroom Maintenance Solution

A clean bathroom can make or break a customer service experience if your business is in the hospitality or any service industry. Customers can equate the cleanliness of an establishment’s bathroom with the cleanliness of its entire business. This is ... Read More »

Accessory Kit

Excel International introduces FORCE from Motorscrubber. Until now Scrubber dryers are only cleaning 85% of the floor surface… but what about the final 15%? Motorscrubber aims to clean 100% of the floor and this is how FORCE was born! Worldwide ... Read More »

Handpads for Hospitality Industry

Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd introduces KGS Swiflex® CX Handpads, a new range of KGS Diamond Silver Line from KGS Switzerland. The handpads are available in different grits from #400, #500, #1500 and #3000. They are made of a colour coded ... Read More »

Ride on Scrubber Dryer

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s CT 230 BT 100 R Sweep is a Ride on Scrubber Dryer (Roller Brush) available with Pre-Sweep feature. Features • SLS -Self-levelling electronic system for an always perfect adherence between brush and floor. • Squeegee ... Read More »

Dry Vacuum Cleaner

In the Kärcher T 15/1 dry vacuum cleaner, sound-proofing of the fan has been optimized in terms of the material used and in tests in the anechoic chamber to achieve a noise level of only 59 dB(A). It is therefore ... Read More »

Chemical-free Cleaning

Making the right choice of the dish washing soap is essential not only to protect one’s hands but also the dishes and the environment at large. Many commercial dishwashing soaps in the market come with the tag of “clean-up made ... Read More »

Compact Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

Roots Multiclean Ltd’s RB 650/750 Compact-Ride-on scrubber dryers clean large spaces in faster, better and in less time. Application Perfect machines for airports, metro rail stations, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, chain of hypermarkets, pharma, warehouses & industries as well. Features ... Read More »

Ride-on Scrubbing Machine

Comac India Pvt Ltd has designed Innova 55B ride-on scrubbing machine which comes with compact dimensions and is able to replace a traditional walk behind scrubbing machine in maintaining surfaces up to 3,000sqm. In the same investment of a walk ... Read More »