Wednesday , 3 June 2020
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Model: TAASCLEEN-1999 Aroma Oils for Diffusers Specification: Aroma oil concentrates available in 50ml/500ml & 1000ml, packed in aluminium bottles. Oil rangelemon- grass / lavender / mogra / jasmine / madrine / musk-melon / sandal / lime / citrus / green-apple ... Read More »


Model: Bioshuddhi Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine (Vertical GSM) Specification Mounting Method : Wall mounting No. of product columns : 4 Product storage capacity : 100 Dimensions : 550 mm (W) * 135 mm (D) * 800 mm (H) Weight : ... Read More »

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner System

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd offers GS 3/50 OPT W&D MFS equipped with three double stage motors, detachable system and modular configurations for recovering solids, dusts and liquids on large surfaces. Structure in stainless steel with 50-litre recovery tank, lightweight ... Read More »

Air Purifier

With Karcher India Pvt. Ltd’s AFG 100 air purifier, poor quality air that is contaminated with pathogens in closed rooms is a thing of the past. It is an integrated plasma generator, which removes all types of germs from the ... Read More »

Water-based Detergent

Karcher India Pvt. Ltd also presents PC 100 M2 Bio, a manual parts cleaner, which combines effective oil and grease removal with a high standard of environmental protection. Instead of using solvents, tools, motor components and other oily and greasy ... Read More »

Maintaining Clean Offices

Clean and well-maintained office spaces — where the bulk of the operations takes place, where important administrative functions are performed day after day, where important meetings with clients are held or perhaps where potential recruits for a job are interviewed ... Read More »

Hand Wash

Revachemical Pvt. Ltd has introduced Reva Purple Leaf – Hand Wash. Application: A gentle & perfumed premium hand wash, which is safe on hands. It maintains the softness to be effectively used in for guest areas, rooms, washrooms areas at ... Read More »

Floor Cleaner

ARCORA International GmbH’s Tenas Floor with environment-friendly polymers can be used as a deep-, intensive-, surface- and multipurpose cleaner. The product is free of hazardous substances and 100% environmentally friendly. It quickly and reliably removes all types of grease, oil, ... Read More »


Model: LC-602SC Carpet Cleaner 20/30/40/60/80L options Features • High quality wet and dry vacuum cleaner • SS tank capacity of 60L and white plastic tank capacity is 20L • Widely used in any place for wet and dry cleaning, as ... Read More »


HANDYPLUS Range of gloves Model: Natural Rubber Latex-based household, food grade and industrial gloves Specification: Sizes available – Small, Medium, Large and XXL Technical details – Flock lined and unlined chlorinated household gloves Ergonomically designed to give a comfort fit ... Read More »


Model: Abrasive floor pads Specification: Nonwoven abrasive floor and hand pads manufactured from high quality polyester-based nonwoven web. Size: 6”– 24” (152,4 mm – 609,6 mm) Colour: White, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black. Pieces per box: 5 Applications: Pads are designed ... Read More »


Model: Chemicals — Pine Oil, Dipentene, Anthamber Tops, DHM Tops, Turpentine Oil, Residues, Fragrances, Camphor Oil, IBA, Anthamber FG, DHM FG, Geraniol FG, Linalool, Fabric Softener, Fabric Care Chemicals, Hard Surface Cleaners Raw Material, Dishwash Chemicals Features • Polymers for ... Read More »

Extraction & Traction machine

Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd offers Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction. It washes, brushes and dries a stripe of 50cm to 500sqm of carpet in one hour. Its three-stage high-water lift vacuum system ... Read More »


Model: Bigbelly Smart Waste Collection System Applications: Suitable for municipalities, universities, commercial real estate firms, healthcare facilities, city centres, retail high streets, transit hubs, shopping malls, parks and other public spaces Features Provides total waste containment and real-time visibility into ... Read More »


Blast Dryer Voltage : Universal 115- 230*VAC (*50/60Hz) Wattage : 725-1450 (Cold Air – Hot Air) W at 5.2A (230VAC) Motor Vacuum Motor, 36,000 RPM (outside the enclosure) 5/8HP 20,000 RPM (installed in the enclosure) Air Volume : 19,000 LFM ... Read More »


Model: AS-690 Battery Sweeping Machine Features • Machine can be tilted back and forth, can clean through the road potholes and large pieces of garbage • The armrest can be folded or the angle and height adjusted as per convenience ... Read More »

Ride-on Sweeper

Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd has launched a new ride-on sweeper, the PB-155. This sweeper has a sweeping width of 1550 mm and hopper capacity of 220lt making it suitable for sweeping in large areas and roads of an industrial plant. ... Read More »

Oscillating Polisher

For the first time in India, Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd, in association with KGS from Switzerland, has launched an oscillating polisher machine TID-XS which can polish, maintain and clean staircases, countertops, tabletops, and any compact areas where larger machines cannot ... Read More »

Green Glass Cleaning Solution

A cleaning professional would appreciate clean and streak-free glass surfaces like the reception table, trophy stand, glass entrance gate, etc. A clean glass surface could affect the way people perceive your business or appreciate the efforts taken to create a ... Read More »

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Astol Cleantech Pvt. Ltd’s industrial vacuum cleaners, Oilvac, is very useful in collecting cutting oil or coolant mixed with small metal chips/ fine particles. This system separates liquids from solids and the filtered liquid can be reused. Regular use of ... Read More »