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Product Preview – September 2014

CANNON HYGIENE WASHROOM HYGIENE Feminine Hygiene Care Unit Cannon Feminine Hygiene care service is a sanitary waste collection service which aims at infection control and not just garbage collection. It is fortified with a patented germicide called Activap which eradicates bacteria germs to 99.9999%. Click here ... Read More »

Vacuum Cleaner & Scrubber Drier

Nutech Jetting Equipments India Pvt Ltd has brought premium Swiss quality Partek Dry 21, a silent, robust and user-friendly dry vacuum cleaner. Practical, compact round design incorporating some very vital elements not only makes this machine consistently reliable but also ... Read More »

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Green Earth® Glass & Multisurface Cleaner from Klinox Marketing is an environment friendly glass and surface cleaner. It is Green Seal™ certified and specially formulated for fast, effective cleaning of glass and other hard surfaces without the use of butyl ... Read More »

Scrubbers & Polishers

Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd has come up with NRL 1500 for large areas of floor maintenance or restoration. The NRL uses a range of 550mm brushes and 500mm floor pads and is supplied in a 40kg specification and fitted with ... Read More »

Furniture Polish & Marboline

Furniture Polish Maintainer, FP from Revachem is an excellent formulation for maintaining polish and expensive furniture. It is a white emulsion. FP enhances the gloss and forms an antistatic film. FP can also be applied on polished metal surfaces to ... Read More »

Urinal Screen

Diversey’s latest offering Taski Fresh & Clean Urinal Screen helps conserve water. Most urinals can use between four to eight litres of water for each flush. A urinal in a busy office where 100-plus men work will use more water ... Read More »

Floor Scrubber Drier

Manufactured with technical support from an Australian company, Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt Ltd has designed a new highly efficient scrubber drier machine Model Aliza 530E. With brush motor power of 700 watt and equally powerful vacuum motor, the machine is ... Read More »

Stainless Steel Polish

ALPHA-SP P7 from Alpha Products is a tailor made ready to use polish for maintenance of stainless steel. It protects against grease and grim and leaves the surface with a bright finish. Application Stainless steel lifts, fridge doors and other ... Read More »

Neutral Floor Cleaner

Bangalore- based Spark Klean Pvt Ltd has come up with Neutral Floor Cleaner (NFC), safe for use on all surfaces like vinyl, epoxy, ceramics, marble, terrazzo, steel, chrome, Formica & wooden floors. The unique formulation using the company’s patented Active ... Read More »

Glass Polishing Machine

Available in two models, Glass Polishing Machines TD 1000 & TD 500 from Cana International are used for cleaning and polishing purposes. Put the washed and humid glasses with slightly rotary up-and downward moves over the polishing brushes. The fine ... Read More »

Sticky Mats & Rollers

Peelable Sticky Mats from Singapore India Trade Resources Co are low density PE and acrylic adhesive, highly recommended where cleanliness control is critical. Specification Colour : Blue. Size : 24×36” & 26×45” Layers : 30 Layers/Mat with numbered corner taps ... Read More »

Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Alpha Products’ MARBINOL- EXTRA A7 is a fragrant and effective floor cleaner for all types of surfaces. It can be used for wet mopping, scrubbing with the machine. It can also be used to wash banquet halls. It is neutral ... Read More »

Surface cleaning solutions

Mumbai-based Alpha Products in its surface cleaning range of products has SUMO-D, a machineware liquid detergent concentrate, and SUMO-RINSE, a machineware rinse aid. SUMO-D is an automatic dishwashing liquid suitable for complete removal of oily soils; thus ensuring fast wetting ... Read More »

Surface Cleaning Solution

Delhi-based Partek Smart Cleaning Systems has come out with a fine abrasive cleaner – Partek Magic Pad which works just like an eraser. The pad is economical, chemical-free and is effective in removing dirt marks and stains from surfaces. The ... Read More »


Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning for cleaning window shades / blinds through sound waves is fast, gentle, efficient and safe because there are no dangerous chemicals involved in the cleaning process. It cleans the vanes/slats of binds, head rail, ... Read More »

Ametek offers commercial cleaning solution

Available with both single and two stage fan systems, Ametek Floorcare & Specialty Motors are designed to provide two times more longevity as compared to traditional straight brush series universal vacuum motors. The extended life span is suitable for vacuum ... Read More »

Solution for Commercial Cleaning

ALPHA-CS Carpet Shampoo ALPHA-CS Carpet Shampoo from Alpha Products has a high foaming condensed lather cleaning action for effective soil penetration. ALPHA-CS, has excellent detergency and anti static properties. ALPHA-CS, loosens and lifts out embedded dirt, oil, grease and stains. ... Read More »

High Pressure Washers for industries

Bangalore based Bosch Power Tools has launched a new professional high pressure washer (HPW) range for industrial cleaning. The HPW range will cater to segments like hospitality, manufacturing, facade or contract cleaning, building sites, commercial vehicle, automotive, construction, service and ... Read More »

Organic Waste Composter

Mumbai based Technocrats Security Systems Pvt Ltd has launched Rapid Organic Composter to treat organic waste at its point of generation. It finds use in Municipal Corporations and Industrial areas. The composting system is suitable for onsite processing of all ... Read More »

Pest Repeller for Commercial Areas

Ahmedabad based Prompt Pest Control Equipments has introduced Duo Pro Pest Repeller with its model LS-927M, which consists of two efficient high frequency generators, transducer and dual speakers, to drive rodents and insects away electronically. The device is suitable for ... Read More »