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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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UV resistant garbage bins

• Time Technoplast Ltd has launched Dumpo Dome Lid garbage bins in different capacities with attributes like corrosion free, high resistance to UV radiation and acid. The Dumpo Dome Lid garbage bins are suitable for use with standard collection and ... Read More »

Advanced Vacuum Systems for Industrial Cleaning

• Kruger & Brentt Equipment Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi has launched a range of industrial vacuum cleaners designed specifically for the mechanical engineering sector and the simultaneous suction of swarf, oil and lubricants. These machines are capable of separating liquids ... Read More »

Multiple Cleaning Solutions

Mumbai-based Alpha Products specialises in customised formulations for surface maintenance. SANIQUIK Toilet Bowl Cleaner, available in ready-to-use five-litre packs, enables effective cleaning of Indian and Western style toilet bowls. It can also be used to clean bathroom wall tiles and ... Read More »

Water saving automatic scrubber drier

A battery powered automatic scrubber drier from Diversey, the TASKI swingo 1260B is equipped with the patented Intelliflow system, which reduces the water consumption by up to 50%. On-board IntelliFlow system delivers and dispenses the right amount of water and ... Read More »

Walk-Behind Scrubber

The RootsScrub B4550C Walk-Behind Scrubber from Roots Multiclean Ltd comes with a 50cm cylindrical brushes with specific brush pressure, which enables removal of deep dirt and grouts between tiles. The positioning of the brushes and its contra rotational movement help ... Read More »

Nilfisk scrub-suction technology

Biotec No. 1 surface cleaning machine from Nilfisk offers the advanced method of oil slick wet cleaning using scrub-suction Technology. It is currently the most advanced method of surface cleaning at open roads. The machine provides deep-pore cleaning of oil ... Read More »

In-Plant Cleaning Systems

Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd has launched In-Plant Cleaning Systems, a new division which provides customer-specific, automatic interior cleaning systems for tanks, silos and all types of containers; all from one source. These new Systems broadly cater to the specialised ... Read More »




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