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Terracyclic Deodourising Gel

The new Terracyclic Deodourising gel has been designed specifically to give the Terracyclic cartridge controlled odour neutralising from the moment it is installed. The gel is made from a synergistic blend of fragrant oils and naturally derived odour neutralsing agents. ... Read More »

Sanitary Waste Disposal System

Awarded by Carbon Footprint Accreditation for its design, environmental impact and biodegradability, TerraCyclic™ Bio Bin from Nova Enterprises is a unique cartridge means no cleaning, less waste, saving costs and reducing energy use. It consists of a rigid wall-mounted sanitary ... Read More »

Fragrance Concentrates

Typically, hotel & Industrial laundry managers have complained about not having freshness on their laundered clothes due to high temperature processing and the wear and tear associated with tumble dryers. Tanishka Products, an international pioneer in microencapsulated actives recently introduced ... Read More »

Sustainable Solution for Car Wash

3M India Pvt Ltd chemical wash solution for cars has biodegradable wetting agents, surfactants, degreasers and lubricants which help in removal of dirt, mud, hard dust, bird drops, oil, grease and to most extend tar marks, bug splatters and tree ... Read More »

Combatting Swine Flu

Containing Swine flu, from spreading is still in the trial and error stage. Any solution before beingunderstood, needs an understanding of the virus itself. Dr Bhavanishankar, Director-Schevaran Innovation Centre, Mysore, deliberates on the virus and the tested solution through fumigation. ... Read More »

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals include various kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers which work to control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in the pool water. TCCA The compound is a disinfectant, algaecide, and bactericide mainly for swimming pools ... Read More »

Cooling Water Treatment

Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem. (P) Ltd offers cooling water treatment system, designed to achieve control of corrosion and scale as well as microbiological fouling and contamination in open and closed re-circulating. Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors ... Read More »

Mobile Laundromat

Electrolux professional and authorised partner, Quick Clean  Pvt Ltd, a leader in self-service laundry solutions in India, have developed a new, innovative laundry solution, Mobile Laundry, as start-up business opportunity. This unique concept of mobile laundry will revolutionize mechanized cleaning ... Read More »

Floor Cleaner

SI-7 Floor Cleaner Concentrate from Sonu Impex, India has an international formula that cleans as well as cuts the grease and oil effectively leaving the floor dirt free with fragrance. This product is non-flammable and noncorrosive. It can be used ... Read More »

Mops & Wipes

Having joined hands with GM, an India based company catering to surgical/ automobile segmentwith high quality injection moulds, Kibble Enterprises introduces high quality products like Caddy Basket, Dry Mops, Wet Mops, Double Blade Wipers and Signage under Kibble Brand. The ... Read More »

Steam Cleaner

Aman cleaning launches Lavorwash’s steam cleaner machine model SKYVAP MAX having pressure switch, double thermostat, Cap with protection against anti-unscrewing and safety valve. Machine is very useful for semi-professional use. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Max. pressure 4bar max Absorbed power 2000W max ... Read More »

Clax Advanced-High Efficiency Laundry Program

Using 43% less energy and 45% less water, the Clax Advanced-High Efficiency Laundry Program has helped premier customers around the globe to improve their laundry productivity by 33%. The CLAX® Advanced (High Efficiency Laundry Program) from Diversey has helped many ... Read More »

New version of Auto scrubber

• The all-new version of the award-winning TASKI swingo XP-R high performance scrubber drier from Diversey Care comes with a number of enhancements that make the cleaning and maintenance of floors simpler and more efficient with water, chemical and energy ... Read More »

Deep-cycle AGM battery

Trojan Battery Co., LLC, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries has launched Reliant™ AGM with C-Max Technology™. Reliant AGM maximizes sustained performance and increases total energy output to meet demanding deep-cycling requirements in Trojan’s wide range of market applications. ... Read More »

Steam Cleaner

 The new steam cleaner SG 4/4 from Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd will replace the existing DE 4002 and sets a new highlight in company’s steamer range together with the new steam vacuum cleaners SGV 6/5 and SGV 8/5. The ... Read More »

Metal Surface Cleaner

Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd has come up with Metapol (G 505), a superior metal polish that cleans and polishes. It cleans heavily soiled and tarnished metal surfaces and materials, especially stainless steel, nickel, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, aluminium and eloxal. ... Read More »

Floor Cleaner

Wizard from Quartz Home Care (I) Pvt Ltd has an international formula that not only cleans and cuts the grease & oil effectively, but also leaves the floors dirt-free, germ-free and fresh. It is ideal for all washable surfaces. It ... Read More »

Floor finish and Multi-purpose Cleaner

Klinox Marketing has introduced two unique products of Betco into the Indian market. Photon Max SRT Betco’s Photon Max™ with Scuff Resistant Technology™ is (SRT) is a highly repairable, low odour, black heel mark resistant floor finish. Designed for Ultra ... Read More »

Surface Cleaner & Sanitizer

Cleaning chemical manufacturer Altert Industries Pvt Ltd has come up with a wide range of new solutions those are more effective and formulated to cater to specific applications. All Purpose Surface Sanitizer Trends ALL Purpose Surface Sanitizer is a concentrated ... Read More »

Escalator Cleaning Machine

• Columbus’ Escalator Cleaning Machine Step 100 is suitable for wet cleaning of treads and risers in one shot process – horizontally and vertically simultaneously  without interfering with the escalator controls. Uniclean Equipments Pvt Ltd represents Columbus in India Specifications ... Read More »