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Bric Trolley System

The unique Bric Trolley System from Western Floor Pvt Ltd can be customized for different applications and easily available replaceable spare part. The features of the Bric trolley system makes it a useful product that can be used in every industry. Read More »

Automatic Sanitary Bin

The Automatic sanitary bin from Washroom Hygiene Concepts (P) Ltd works on the sensor technology and allows depositing sanitary waste without any physical contact with a cradle-to-grave solution for the collected waste. Features & Benefits Dispose of waste safely and responsibly High strength ABS/PP material ... Read More »

New Concept machine

Benaka Engineering Pvt Ltd has indigenously designed robotic equipment that are set to change the way of cleaning. Reducing the manpower dependency to zero, the new concept machines with smart sensors are capable to sense the way and can clean manual intervention. Read More »

Air Freshene

Vectair Systems, a leading technological innovator, manufacturer and supplier of  hygiene products, has launched V-Air® SOLID, a VOC exempt air freshener with multi-phasing and sub-micron fragrance technology, set to solve many of the problems that exist in the marketplace presented by aerosols and passive liquid or gel ... Read More »

Microbiological Detergents

Bioforce, is the new line of biological products for cleaning and waste treatment operations from Hygiene Medical Industry Co Ltd. The products are part of the new generation Microbiological Detergents that has both institutional and industrial applications. It makes use of alive, pathogenic microorganisms and enzymes to provide odour control in drains and sceptic tanks among other uses. ... Read More »

Grinder and Polisher

Final Technologies Pvt. Ltd launched Hercules, a grinding and polishing machine, with a double cutting system. The equipment prepares the floor like epoxy, tilling etc. along with polishing surfaces like marble, granite etc. Hercules is durable, best suitable for Indian concrete floor and ... Read More »

New Launches

Grinder and Polisher  Final Technologies Pvt. Ltd launched Hercules, a grinding and polishing machine, with a double cutting system. The equipment prepares the floor like epoxy, tilling etc. along with polishing surfaces like marble, granite etc. Hercules is durable, best suitable for Indian ... Read More »

Industrial Laundry

• UniMac® Hardmount Washer-Extractors from Alliance Laundry have been designed to enhance industrial performance. These machines feature a wide array of strength-increasing, performance boosting upgrades. The 400 G-Force Extractor improved from the earlier industry-leading 300 G-Force extractor, is much faster ... Read More »

Oven/Grille Cleaner

Oven/Grille Cleaner • KLINSPOT K9 from Alpha Products is a powerful caustic based oven/grille cleaner and degreaser. It removes all baked on deposits, leaving a clean and grease free surface. Guidelines For use on ovens/grille and other surfaces for tough ... Read More »


Excel International, a leading hygiene specialist in the Indian market, introduces Soluclean, a comprehensive range of pre-dosed concentrated cleaning chemicals. An exciting new cleaning system to be launched at the Clean India Show, covers virtually every aspect of the everyday ... Read More »

Single Disk Scrubber

Mrinmoyee Supply Pvt Ltd introduces a German made machine – SINGLE DISK-ES420 – the right solution for daily cleaning tasks like scrubbing, carpet shampooing and polishing. Features • DOC Drive overloads clutch• Resin gear drive• Central water feed Specifications • ... Read More »

Ultra Compact Scrubbers

Nido Machineries Pvt Ltd exclusively introduces the US manufactured ‘FactoryCat’ range of Industrial cleaning equipment in India. Ultra compact MICROMAG scrubber is designed to clean machine shops, congested lunch rooms, car dealerships and busy fabrication plants, the machine is suitable ... Read More »

Roots Multiclean Ltd-Scrubber Drier

Roots Multiclean Ltd has introduced with traction RootsScrub BT 4545, a zero-emission, battery powered scrubber drier with traction drive. The RootsScrub BT 4545 distinguishes itself through its efficient scrubbing performances and robust construction, making it ideal for commercial use. Features ... Read More »

Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt Ltd-Scrubber Drier

 Manufactured with technical support from an Australian company, Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt Ltd has launched new scrubber drier machines- Aliza 430E and Aliza 530. It can wash, scrub and dry both hard and soft floors, covering in a single pass ... Read More »

Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd-Foaming & Sweeping Machine

Foaming Machine Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd has introduced Foamtec30, a medium-size model in the range of machines from Santoemma patented Foamtec System. Applications • Pubs, motorways café, • Factories • Shopping centres, • Theatres, stadiums, arenas • Nursing homes, hospitals • Schools, ... Read More »

Cannon Hygiene-Air Freshener

Cannon Hygiene presents CannonScent to create a unique environment to engage customer’s memories and emotions. Ginger Blossoms, Red Sequoias and Bright Orchids. Cannon also offers custom designed “signature corporate scents”. The CanonScent MDW-250 is a modular scent diffusion system with dimensions 170 x190x259mm (WxLxH) ... Read More »

Innovative Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd: Sanitizer&Road Sweeper

  Sanitizer Innovative Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd has introduced a new revolutionary hygiene System Sagewash Sanitizer, is the only sanitizer which cleans, disinfects and controls odour. Features Protects against dangerous virus, bacteria, fungus, algaes, cost effective, easy to use, biodegradable, non-corrosive, no ... Read More »

Multi-functional Combination Machines

Nilfisk-Advance India Ltd has come up with innovative and functional combination machines, models CS 7000 and CR 1500, featuring dust free sweeping, effective scrubbing and drying through simple operation added with easy service and maintenance. CS 7000 Acclaimed for its ... Read More »

Insect Control

Bugman/Hygiene Solutions supplies Armadilha 15, a wall mounted/free-standing insect control unit that can keep 15m2 space insect-free. With its discrete and attractive design the Armadilha 15 is recommended for use in domestic and professional environment. It uses a powerful ultraviolet ... Read More »