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Monday , 16 September 2019
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PCI – Thermacell

Thermacell® Mosquito Repellent lanterns and appliances are powered by a single butane cartridge. Butane provides the cordless, portable heat that activates the patented devices. The heat generated by the butane cartridge is directed to a metal grill that is part of ... Read More »

Ecobin – Ecoreco

“We are promoting Ecobin for disposal of e-waste to support Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, under sponsorship programmes by an individual or an organization. They can put it at various public places like educational institutes, malls stations etc. The collected electronic waste ... Read More »

Eco Care – Garbodrain

N Ram, Business Development Head- Western Region, ECO CARE, informed, “We have come up with a technology to crush wet waste generated in domestic as well as commercial sites including home kitchens, hotels and restaurants etc. We have installed Garbodrain, ... Read More »

Roots Multiclean launches new sweeper

“The diesel operated Rhino RD 160 is specially designed to sweep heavy  concentration of industrial debris, stone, glass, metal chips, pellets, sand particles found in extreme industrial and manufacturing environments, both indoors and outdoors. The filtering system includes two high-efficiency ... Read More »

Electrolux – New RFID application

Ankur Gupta, Director, Quick Clean Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are the trusted partner for Electrolux washing machines in India. We have plans to build upon this partnership in future, as the company sees business opportunities in Indian marketplace. Elecrolux has ... Read More »

ATS Elgi – Automatic Carwash

Majaz Ahmad, Engineer- Sales, ATS ELGI, explains, “Automatic car wash is concept for complete mechanized cleaning that reduce wastage of water and saves man-hours too. People take our products as business model, as ROI is not more than two years. ... Read More »

Ecordial – waste recycled-cheapest bricks

“Basically we are converting the industrial waste into bricks. We collect the waste material from paper industry and mix it with a secret material to prepare much lighter and strong bricks which doesn’t gets break on an impact. Again we ... Read More »

Vacuum Cleaner

Steam vacuum cleaner SGV 8/5 is consistent implementation of customer requirements for steam cleaning in various application areas. The SGV unites the functions of two machines: steam cleaner and wet/dry vacuum cleaner, allowing a user to steam and vacuum the ... Read More »

Ecoflex System

Ecoflex™ System ensures getting every floor cleaned, from light traffic areas to heavily soiled areas in the most environmental friendly way, easily, efficiently and… while saving money. Advance’s EcoFlex System goes beyond standard green cleaning by offering sustainability and efficiency, ... Read More »

OmniFlex™ AutoVac Battery

OmniFlex AutoVac, an automated high performance floor cleaning machine is three-four times faster than a mop. Instead of spreading soils, it actually removes them completely from the floor surface. Even more impressive, it cleans as well and as fast as ... Read More »

Compact Ride On Scrubber Drier- CRO 8055

A new compact Ride-On absolutely bristling with practical innovation and user convenience.CRO 8055 is competitive with most walk behind. By virtue of the exceptional maneuverability, substantial time is saved on middle sized applications.Features• Compact design, easy cleaning in tightspaces• Anti-tip ... Read More »


A unique processor where the crushed waste from Garbodrain are treated to produce Methane, a cheap carbon neutral fuel for cooking. This helps in providing better Sanitation, Free Clean fuel & moro than anything else reduces emission of dangerous greenhouse ... Read More »

Garbodrain – Food Waste Disposer

A unique system electrically operated to crush & dispose food waste at source, hygienically, conveniently & safely. This simplifies segregation of bio degradable waste by eliminating them at source & provides clog free drains. Garbodrain comes in four different models ... Read More »

Tread Clean – Cleaning Solution

Tread Clean escalator liquid concentrate for maintaining and restoring escalator cleanliness. REN™ Clean System provides maximum results when TREAD CLEAN is used as instructed with cleaning pads. Special non-corrosive formulation will not harm escalator mechanics, plastic parts, aluminum or painted ... Read More »

Pad Holder & Saturation Tub

The Pad Holder with detachable Saturation Tub is available in three widths to fit 24in, 32in, and 40in escalators. Accommodates 3/4 inch threaded pole handles. Read More »

W series Cleaning Pad

W series Cleaning Pad is designed to fit escalators and travelators with tread grooves measuring 36 ridges per every 12 inches across the tread. The W Cleaning Pad is available in three widths to fit 24in, 32in, and 40in escalators ... Read More »