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Thursday , 21 March 2019
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Battery-Operated Scrubber Drier

The compact dimensions of BD 50/50 C Bp Classic scrubber drier from Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd provides good manoeuvrability as well as visibility of the surface to be cleaned. This makes it extremely easy to operate. Features 1. Affordable ... Read More »

Microfibre Mops

Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd has introduced two microfibre mops for housekeeping. Microfibre Mop – MFPM The microfibre round mop matched with bucket is suitable for wet mopping of hard flooring and achieving a dazzling floor finish. Microfibre Kentucky Mop – ... Read More »

Hygienic Hands

Good hand washing is the first line of defence against spread of many illnesses. A number of infectious diseases can be spread from one person to another by contaminated hands, including common cold-cough to serious diseases like meningitis, bronchiolitis, flu, ... Read More »

Bio Cleaning Solutions

Intercare Cleaning & Hygiene Services Pvt. Ltd has introduced bio-based cleaning solutions. Bio-Conqueror 105 A concentrated water-soluble deodorant liquid cleaner with a huge bioactive content. The Bio Conqueror 105 specially formulated to consume urine, waste, food, grease, detergent residues, mess ... Read More »

Misting System

Magna Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd has been supplying commercial and industrial misting systems for almost two decades now. The fine quality range of High Pressure Misting and Cooling Systems have various features, including high performance, strong edges, easy to use ... Read More »

New concept in Ride-on

Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd has introduced BD 50/70 R Classic in the micro ride-on class. It is an alternative for customers appreciating the productivity of a ride-on at the price of a walk-behind. Specifications Robust in its class with ... Read More »

Scrubbing Solutions

Two models of Motor Scrubber from Excel International, quickly and effortlessly cleans your washrooms, showers, stairs, skirting / base boards, windows, swimming pools, motor vehicles and other hard to clean areas. Designed for safe and reliable use, this is an ... Read More »

Compact ride-on scrubber drier

Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd’s CRO 8065, an innovative scrubber dryer with high mobility and manoeuvrability. It is like handling a walk-behind that offers productivity and efficiency of a ride-on. It is a unique machine suitable for any kind of applications. ... Read More »

Streak-free Glass Cleaning

Glass surfaces is one of the most preferred materials, be it for built structures or for interiors. However, even one spec of dirt or a streak of water residue can spoil the look and feel of glass surfaces. Buzil Rossari ... Read More »

Carpet Cleaner

Nilfisk India Pvt. Ltd has machines for carpet care – CAR-275 IN and Wolf 130IN- Carpet Spotter. CAR-275 IN Features Easy Use and Service Optimum Suction Power Higher Pump pressure for spraying water evenly and strongly on the carpet Solutions ... Read More »

Walk-behind Sweepers

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd has launched two models – IPC-705 and IPC-505 (Battery) — of heavy duty industrial walk behind sweeper suitable for internal and external sweeping. Features Huge cooper capacity Extensive filtering surface Extensive running time Main brush ... Read More »

Towel Dispenser

Mystair Hygiene Care Pvt. Ltd’s 1717 Enviromatic roll Towel Dispenser – ‘Mini’ works on mechanical touch-free technology that helps maintain high degree of hygiene standards in a facility. Features Controls paper wastage by dispensing one towel at a time; Relatively ... Read More »

Maintaining metal surfaces with Metapol

Apart from wood and stone, metals are the most ubiquitous building materials being used today. They are the most flexible materials to work with for daily use but can also add that touch of flair with their inimitable lustre and ... Read More »

Upholstery Cleaner

Charnock Equipments Pvt.Ltd’s Dry Foam upholstery cleaner ‘CF 1612’ is a high performance machine ideally suited for cleaning fabric sofa, chairs, small rugs, etc. Being a dry foam cleaner, it dries the fabric within 45 minutes and ready to use. ... Read More »

Vacuum Cleaners

Nilfisk India Pvt. Ltd has launched a series of vacuum cleaner: The VHS 40 vacuum cleaner comes with more suction power, sealed dust system, innovative filtration system automatic filter cleaning besides has robust design to meet the tough requirements within ... Read More »

Detergent for whitening

Telangana based Supreme Enterprises supplies ATLANTIC LFD 160 a low foam ‘One-shot’ Powder Detergent with balanced blend of an ionic, non ionic surfactants and other Organic performance ingredients that assure brighter and cleaner clothes. It is designed for laundry use ... Read More »

Surface Cleaner

Arrow Greentech Ltd’s, TDS – Ecoconpack Desengrasante is an effective cleaning agent for degreasing. Specification Liquid, brown in color, with characteristic scent Density at 20ºC : 1.12 ± 0.01g/ml pH at 1% : 12.5 ± 0.5 Features Especially formulated to ... Read More »

Spruce Up Industries Pvt. Ltd.- Jatayu

Technical Specifications • Patent Pending Cyclone Velocity Technology• Air Velocity in Hose: 5000 Feet Per Minute (Equivalent to Type One Cyclone)• Engine: 0.952 L / 17.7 BHP• Operation range: 8 Hours continuous• Re-Usable Garbage Ezee Bag Capacity: 500 Liter Compacted ... Read More »


SurfaceSHIELD is a revolutionary long-lasting surface protectant and disinfectant that provides antimicrobial protection for up to 14 days or more after single application. Broad spectrum persistent antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Remains active for up to 14 days ... Read More »




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