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Foam Dispenser

Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd launches the new Multipurpose Foam Dispenser in the chem care section. Features Multipurpose dispenser is used with foam as well as lotion pump with display window. Compact and durable unit design with sleek, subtle curves that ... Read More »


The KM 120/250 R Classic is Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd’s new entry class Industrial sweeper for cleaning rough and heavy dirt as well as extremely dusty areas. The KM 120/250 R Classic has a big pocket filter (6.0 m²) ... Read More »

Dry Cleaning

Quick Clean Pvt Ltd’s new Lagoon Absolute Set is the ideal replacement for dry cleaning in the lagoon advanced care range. Read More »

Car Wash & Parking

Lee Grand Auto System Co. has a range of car care products Tunnel Car Wash System is a completely European concept which has been introduced in India. It consumes less power consumption, with low maintenance and operating cost, and highest ... Read More »

Vaccum Cleaner

The Karcher Professional vacuum cleaner WVP 10 is a battery driven light weight wet vacuum cleaner for all flat surfaces, characterized by its robust design and its powerful performance. The WVP 10 is not only a window cleaner, because it ... Read More »

Vegetable Sanitizer

Food poisoning is alarmingly common in the modern world. Contaminated with bacteria, viruses and toxins, the symptoms can be very unpleasant, ranging from mild stomach upset to long term health problems and even death in rare cases. However, contamination can ... Read More »

Cleaning Chemicals

Pulizia Industries Pvt Ltd’s is suitable to remove and clean hard water stains on glass or any other surfaces. Application Apply undiluted formulation on the surface/glass area which is spoiled by hard water stains. Leave it for 5-15 minutes depending ... Read More »

Escalator/Travelator Cleaner

Roots Multiclean Ltd is introducing indigenously designed Escalator/ Travelator Cleaner – RootsScrub E4550 ES. Presence of Oil, Grease, Deposits, Sand particles etc in the escalator steps gives poor appeal and develops scratches. Specially designed counter rotating cylindrical brushes removes all ... Read More »


Filmop International Srl’s Alpha TopDown is a strong, tough, ergonomic, easy to move and clean addition to the mopping section. Specifications • Size: 120x58x114 cm • Weight: 28 kg • Material: Recycled polypropylene Features The mopping section is equipped with ... Read More »

Buz Leather C 580 – Leather Care

Leather is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world and plays a prominent role in the world’s economy, with constantly growing global trade value per year. Leather industry occupies a reputable place in the Indian economy in ... Read More »

RootsScrub E4550 ES

Roots Multiclean Ltd introduces RootsScrub E4550 ES which is easy to operate with dual cleaning mechanism and has options based on the level of dirt and traffic. It includes two processes – Dry and Wet Process. Features • RootsScrub E4550 ... Read More »

Dirt Blower & vacuum cleaner

Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd has expanded its product range for commercial operators by introducing a handy new machine Dirt Blower LB 850 Bp which has a lithium-ion battery allowing ergonomic operation with low operating costs and is also ecofriendly. ... Read More »

Hospital Hygiene Mop Blue

Application: Routine cleaning in healthcare for Resilient flooring, Stone floors, Hard flooring, Porcelain stoneware and Tiles. Ideal for smooth, coated and uncoated floor coverings. Specification: Very high area coverage; Yarn loops are fully anchored with the special tufting procedure; Easily ... Read More »

Arcora International GMbH

Soft Mop (Blue-White) Application: Routine and deep cleaning of Stone, PVC and Hard flooring. Suitable for all absorbent and coatable floorings. Specification • Excellent gliding properties for fatigue-free cleaning • Ideal for fighting stubborn dirt • Optimum dirt removal power ... Read More »

Pugmil Laundry Supply

Pugmil Laundry Supply is a highly specialised one shop laundry chemicals and accessories supplier. It supplies a very broad range of international standard quality Product : Laundry Cleaning agent , Laundry Stain removers, Laundry Hangers, Trouser Guard, Shoulder Guard, Lint ... Read More »

Sanitary Cleaner

Bathrooms are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria leading to diseases. Moisture and humidity play an important role in our daily life but can play havoc with the sanitary ware as they get exposed to corrosion and exposed deterioration which ... Read More »

S.B. Aromatics

Ahmadabad based SB Aroma is launching AFC Air freshener Concentrates in Clean India Pulire 2018. The range of AFC is deigned after extensive market research with the goal of creating exceptional, brand-specific fragrances that meet the customers needs in terms ... Read More »

RENSLIGHET®) Stain Remover (SLR)

It is a hard stain remover suitable for Industrial & domestic uses. It is helpful in removing stain, rust and scales from floors, tiles, and ceramics, steel and glass surfaces. It is also a fast acting solution for cleaning surface ... Read More »