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Hand Care Solutions

 There can be more than 1000 resident bacteria per cm2 on your hands. By encouraging hand washing illness can be reduced by 30-50% Hygiene Foam Soap Dispenser A simple manual dispenser with Anti-microbial Press button, which releases measured doses of ... Read More »

ND-ICE-RS-C200 Heavy Duty Ride On Industrial Sweeper

Model: ND-ICE-RS-C200 Heavy Duty Ride On Industrial Sweeper Features  Dual side brushes, flexible operation & high sweeping performance  Utilization of throwing-off principle, 100% waste hopper capacity utilization  Equipped with advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leakage, no harmful gases Easy to ... Read More »

Hygienic Bathroom

Any other part of a home, the balcony or bedroom, if left shabby and dirty can still be tackled, but a badly maintained bathroom is like inviting millions of diseases. The bathroom is one such place which needs to be ... Read More »


One of the busiest malls in Mumbai approached Dr Drain looking for solutions for their washrooms. Dr Drain took up one of their high traffic washrooms. As always Dr Drain got down to visually inspecting and identifying the nature and ... Read More »

Brushes and wipers

16’’/18’’/20’’/22’’/24’’ long handle floor brush, long handle floor scrubber, metal floor wipers, double blade floor squeegee-black rubber,double blade floor squeegee-white rubber Read More »

Stingray – Indoor Cleaning Kit

Features• Utilizes cutting edge microfiber technology with pivoting, triangular and, solution-fed head• Eliminates the need to remove the pad from the glass to apply more solution• New triangular head and pad is 15% larger• More cleaning capacity and more time ... Read More »

Ergotech Ninja – Window Cleaner

Specification Squeegee: 30° or 40° angle versionsWasher: With highly absorbent sleeveMicrofibre Cloth: For scrubbing corners and spaciousBucket-On-A-Belt: Unique 2-in-1Scraper: With variable working angle mechanism with a durable Holster for fitting to the belt Read More »

Maintaining leather with care

The leather and leather products exports from India has gained momentum during the past two decades, recording US$ 5.92 billion in FY 2015-16. Leather, whether it is used in footwear, apparels, furniture, interiors or car, it has its own charm ... Read More »

Pro Auto Scrub R 50 B

Pro Auto Scrub R 50 B has an oversized tank capacity of 60- litres, specially designed for professionals like cleaning contractors. Its die-cast aluminium brush deck and curved squeegee maximize its superior durability. It has up to 45kg of pad ... Read More »

Pro Auto Scrub R 56

Pro Auto Scrub R 56 requires little maintenance and its scrubs more square meters in the same time. Features The lowered footboard and access from both sides make it safer and more practical Steering is light and smooth, so it ... Read More »

High Speed Floor Grinder HSG-300

Model: High Speed Floor Grinder HSG-300 SpecificationsFeature – ValueOperating Width – 310x550mmPower – 5HP, 3 Phase, 5HP, 1 PhaseVoltage – 220V/380VCurrent – 16A/phase 8A/phaseMotor Speed – 100-1500rpmPad Driver – 300mmx2Water Tank – 20ltNoise – ≤65dbaWeight – 174Kg Features: The two ... Read More »

Wet and Dry Combi Vacuum Cleaner- CV 900

Model: Wet and Dry Combi Vacuum Cleaner- CV 900 Specification: Tank Size – 30ltNo. of Motors – 2Motor Power – 2200WSuction – 2400mm waterAirflow – 49lt/second One filter for wet and dry application Features: Single washable Filter for wet and ... Read More »

Pro Auto Scrub R 85 B

Pro Auto Scrub R 85 B adds value to your investment as this scrubbing machine lowers management and usage costs throughout its life-cycle. Features Requires little maintenance Built with top quality materials Uses waste-reducing technologies Scrubs more square meters in ... Read More »

Compact Ride-on Scrubber Drier-CRO 8055

Model: Compact Ride-on Scrubber Drier-CRO 8055 Specification:Scrubbing Width – 550mmTank Size – 80+80 litresSpeed – 0-6km/hourArea Coverage – 3300sqm/hourBrush Speed – 50RPM/100RPM/150RPM/200RPMWaterflow Rate -3lt/minute; 2lt/minute; 1.5lt/minute;1lt/minute; 0.5lt/minute Features: Mechanical Brush Engagement and disengagement; Single Pedal Operation; Water Flow Control; Brush ... Read More »

Air freshener to treat odours

Single or mixture of chemicals can be used to create fragrance. These chemicals vary in its ability to produce fragrance and people vary in their ability to smell them. However, fragrances do not indicate how much one is exposed to ... Read More »

Small-sized Ride-on Scrubber Dryer Viper AS530R

Model: Small-sized Ride-on Scrubber Dryer Viper AS530R Specification Working width – 53cmSqueegee width – 73cmSpeed – 5.5km/hClimb rate – 10%Brush pressure – 23kgBrush speed – 160rpmSound level – 69dB(A) Features Simple and easy to operate: Intuitive dashboard, one touch button ... Read More »

Floor Grinding Machine HSP-650

Model: Floor Grinding Machine HSP-650 Specifications:Feature ValueOperating width 650mmHP 10HP, 3 PhaseVoltage 415VCurrent 15A/phaseMotor speed 100-1500rpmPad driver 250mm×3Tools per Plate 3 PcsWater tank 30ltWeight 250kg Features: It has a three phase 10Hp motor & frequency control drive and aluminum alloy ... Read More »

Concrete Floor Grinder Machine HSG-500

Model: Concrete Floor Grinder Machine HSG-500 Specifications:Feature – ValueWorking Width – 480x480mmMotor – 10HP, 3 PhaseVoltage – 415VCurrent – 15A/PhaseSpeed – 100-1500rpmPad Driver – 280mmx4Water Tank – 30ltWeight – 240kg Features: Four heads and strong gear drive has phenomenal grinding ... Read More »

New Ride-On Sweeper

With the new KM 125/130 R, Kärcher is offering a technologically high quality sweeper in the 125cm class with high user-friendliness and efficient operations. Compared with its predecessor, the machine unites a number of features employed in smaller machines. For ... Read More »

Crying Onions

‘Oh, No!’ That was a silent shock exclaimed by Drain Doctor, as he paddled through a pool of drain water inside the cafeteria of a large IT company. This explained the urgency in the call that the Drain Doctor received ... Read More »