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Under chassis washer

Coimbatore-based Schumak Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd has introduced a Under Chassis Washer. Features • The line voltage to the sensor is 24 DC volts • Emergency Push Button is provided in case of any Emergency stop • Mechanical stoppers have ... Read More »

Fleet Management System

The TrackClean fleet management system for cleaning professional from Nilfisk India Pvt. Ltd, monitors fleet operations and transmits the equipment operation data to a secure web portal. The data includes the machine working time, the machine down time, time of ... Read More »

Metal-lid Bins

Mumbai-based Otto Waste Systems India Pvt. Ltd has introduced M.S. painted metal lid bins of 1100lt capacity. These are EN Standard bins. Features • The bins are fabricated of steel sheets with suitable forming to give• Proper strength to the ... Read More »

Synthetic Engine Oil

HPCL’s HP Neo Synth 5W-30 is a high quality Synthetic Engine Oil specifically designed for modern Cars running on Petrol/Diesel/LPG/CNG/Bio-Diesel. It is manufactured from finest API Group III base Stocks and state-of-the-art additive technology to meet the most stringent requirements ... Read More »

Automatic Car Wash System

Nagpur-based KKE Wash Systems Pvt. Ltd’s KKE X2 is a trolley-based automatic car wash system that washes up to 10-12 cars per hour. It has two contouring overlapping vertical brushes to clean sides of the car and one contouring horizontal ... Read More »

Trailer mounted window cleaning system

Unger Hydropower RO XXL from Unger India Pvt. Ltd is the only trailer mounted system available in the market with the state-of-art-technology for window cleaning. This is a fully integrated trailer system with RO filter and 750lt water tank. This ... Read More »

Cream-based Hand Wash

Gujarat-based Altret Industries Pvt. Ltd has introduced two cream based formulations for hand wash. Trends HG Cream available in 5lt & 1lt packs and Trends Veloure available in 250gm are two innovative and skin moisturising hand wash. It is a ... Read More »

Innovative Mosquito Trap

Rentokil India Pvt. Ltd has introduced two mosquito trapping devices. BG Mosquitaire It is a scent dispenser along with contrasting dark colour at the centre of the trap to lures mosquitoes to the centre fan of the trap which in ... Read More »

Giant- C+ Washing machine

Supplied by Quick Clean India, the Giant- C+ from LG Commercial Laundry, is a cost and space saving and efficient washing machine. Features • Inverter Direct Drive™• Multi Heat Treatment• Top-mounted Dispenser• Multiple Damper Vibration Reduction• Stainless Steel Drum for ... Read More »

Electrolux Tumble Dryer T5675

Quick Dry Clean, Delhi-based supplier, is the distributor for Electrolux laundry products in India Main specifications :T5675“Rated capacity, filling factor 1:18 “: 37.5/82.7 kg/lbFilling factor 1:22 30.6/67.5 kg/lbDrum volume: 675 litreDrum diameter: 913 mmHeating alternatives Electric: 32/40 kWGas 14 3400 ... Read More »

PredaTOR of the TOR 43 range

Features Innovative orbital single disc machine for wide variety of floor maintenance operations High frequency oscillating action Requires significantly less operator effort to manoeuvre Translates to greater productivity Wide range of accessories for heavy duty scrubbing, wax removal, crystallisation, polishing ... Read More »

Hand Care Solutions

 There can be more than 1000 resident bacteria per cm2 on your hands. By encouraging hand washing illness can be reduced by 30-50% Hygiene Foam Soap Dispenser A simple manual dispenser with Anti-microbial Press button, which releases measured doses of ... Read More »

ND-ICE-RS-C200 Heavy Duty Ride On Industrial Sweeper

Model: ND-ICE-RS-C200 Heavy Duty Ride On Industrial Sweeper Features  Dual side brushes, flexible operation & high sweeping performance  Utilization of throwing-off principle, 100% waste hopper capacity utilization  Equipped with advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leakage, no harmful gases Easy to ... Read More »

Hygienic Bathroom

Any other part of a home, the balcony or bedroom, if left shabby and dirty can still be tackled, but a badly maintained bathroom is like inviting millions of diseases. The bathroom is one such place which needs to be ... Read More »


One of the busiest malls in Mumbai approached Dr Drain looking for solutions for their washrooms. Dr Drain took up one of their high traffic washrooms. As always Dr Drain got down to visually inspecting and identifying the nature and ... Read More »

Brushes and wipers

16’’/18’’/20’’/22’’/24’’ long handle floor brush, long handle floor scrubber, metal floor wipers, double blade floor squeegee-black rubber,double blade floor squeegee-white rubber Read More »

Stingray – Indoor Cleaning Kit

Features• Utilizes cutting edge microfiber technology with pivoting, triangular and, solution-fed head• Eliminates the need to remove the pad from the glass to apply more solution• New triangular head and pad is 15% larger• More cleaning capacity and more time ... Read More »

Ergotech Ninja – Window Cleaner

Specification Squeegee: 30° or 40° angle versionsWasher: With highly absorbent sleeveMicrofibre Cloth: For scrubbing corners and spaciousBucket-On-A-Belt: Unique 2-in-1Scraper: With variable working angle mechanism with a durable Holster for fitting to the belt Read More »

Maintaining leather with care

The leather and leather products exports from India has gained momentum during the past two decades, recording US$ 5.92 billion in FY 2015-16. Leather, whether it is used in footwear, apparels, furniture, interiors or car, it has its own charm ... Read More »

Pro Auto Scrub R 50 B

Pro Auto Scrub R 50 B has an oversized tank capacity of 60- litres, specially designed for professionals like cleaning contractors. Its die-cast aluminium brush deck and curved squeegee maximize its superior durability. It has up to 45kg of pad ... Read More »