Tuesday , 7 July 2020
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MARBINOL® A2 Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate

Specification A concentrated cleaner containing non-ionic surfactants for cleaning marble, marbonite, granite, vinyl flooring and other hard surfaces. This product is pleasantly scented and is user friendly. Application • Dilution ratio: 20-40ml in one litre of water • For glass ... Read More »

BCS A1 Bathroom Cleaner Cum Sanitizer Concentrate

Specification BCS-A1 is a ready formulation for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in the bathroom, sinks, floor and tiles. It has a pleasant fragrance and is free from bleaches. BCS-A1 effectively removes soap scum and hard water stains from taps, tiles, ... Read More »


CRO 7056 It is a mini ride on scrubber drier, specially designed to replace walk behind scrubber driers. The machine is very compact and can be used in congested areas and the narrow passages with super silent working – it ... Read More »


IPC Gansow 1450 Safe, easy to use, able to satisfy all the indoor and outdoor sweeping needs. Thanks to innovative design and Technology which is making IPC machines better every time. IPC Gansow 1450 sweeper is heavy duty sweeper which ... Read More »


Raw Xtreme CX – Waterless auto wash concentrate A rinseless / waterless car wash concentrate claimed to be world’s lowest cost per wash and world’s highest dilution ratio of 1:100, has been launched by Proklear. It utilises only 500ml of ... Read More »


BRUSHES Multipurpose, double component brush, finds effective use in the cleaning of kitchen sinks, wash basins and crockery. It can also be used for cleaning utensils/vessels or flasks. Premium quality wiper is used to wipe and push water on the ... Read More »


High pressure car washer uses highpressure water to remove rust, dust, mud, and other dirt from buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces, and other objects. It is mainly direct couple with motor or engine that drives a water pump, trigger ... Read More »


Hydro Blasting, hydro jetting, hydro testing, sewer jetting, and firefighting machines are used to remove rust and dust. Hydro blasting is used for ship repair & marine industries, vessel and tank cleaning. From 100 bar to 1000 bar pressure; 12 ... Read More »

Dry Cleaning Duo Brush

The use of the Aniko 350 Duo Brush simplifies carpet cleaning. Due to the contra-rotating brushing system of the Brush, the cleaning of carpet and hard floor coverings is no challange anymore. From dust collection to brushing of the carpet ... Read More »

Shampoo Handbrush

Stains on carpets or upholstery furniture can be removed quickly and easily with Tenas Handbrush. Even the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and corners can be realized. The combination of the foam material with the brushes makes strain removal particulary effective ... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Granulat

Tenas Carpet Cleaning Granulat is ideal for extracting deeper dirt. With the granulate, it is possible to completely remove road pollution, food and drink stains as well as coffee or red wine or even oil, fat and shoe cream. The ... Read More »

Single Roll Tissues

The Arsan Single Rolls are towel rolls which can be used universally. Due to the high number of leafs, one roll fulfills the task of 10 conventional kitchen rolls. The rolls are individual wrapped, which make them very hygienic and ... Read More »

Grill and Oven Cleaner

It is most common to face spills, splatters, smoke, scorch and more… while working at the kitchen oven. All of these combine to create a layer of burned dirt on the oven’s surface. Cleaning an oven regularly is one of ... Read More »

Compact Ride-on Scrubber drier

The new, compact, innovative and user-friendly Ride-On CRO 8055 from Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd is competitive with most walk-behinds of the same size. With exceptional manoeuvrability, substantial time savings on middle size applications, CRO8055 is two machines in place of ... Read More »

Range of gloves

Kurian Abraham Pvt. Ltd, leading manufacturer of centrifuged latex and surgical gloves, has launched a wide variety of household and industrial gloves. The HandyPlus range of gloves are exported across the world. The flagship brands, Handy Plus and Handy Plus ... Read More »

Ride-On Sweepers

Nilfisk India Pvt. Ltd’s sweepers come with several features suitable for various applications. Sweeper SR1601 D3 Ride On Features Good machine manoeuvrability thanks to the power steering (STD) Nilfisk DustGuard™ system completely controls airborne dust to reduce cleaning time Free ... Read More »

Industrial Cleaning Solution

RENSLIGHET™ Industrial Cleaner from Pulizia Industries Pvt. Ltd is a unique combination of surfactants which attacks on dirt and dust, oils and greases in a very soft and smooth way. Product has a well-balanced pH range suitable for all types ... Read More »

Backpack Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Kärcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd has introduced backpack vacuums which are powerful, compact lightweight and battery-operated with large container capacity for cleaning at all difficult-to-access or blocked out locations and also for daytime cleaning concept in the target groups — ... Read More »

Single Disc Scrubber

Roots Multiclean Ltd offers ROOTSSCRUB HD430 for heavy duty scrubbing, stripping, stone floor restoration, crystallization, polishing and carpet shampooing. It is equipped with efficient high-performance motor. The HD430 has three-geared motor which assures a smoother motor motion, less noise and ... Read More »

Ride on Sweeper 1450

IPC Gansow 1450 sweeper from IPC is heavy duty sweeper which can perform extremely good in internal and external sweeping application like industries, real estate, mall, corporations and railways. Features Safe, easy to use, able to satisfy all the indoor ... Read More »