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Roots Carpet sweep B70

Roots Carpet sweep B70 is a motorized carpet sweeper and suitable for sweeping of large carpeted floors both indoor and outdoor. It is the perfect dry carpet cleaning system for use in a range of institutional carpet cleaning applications such ... Read More »

CV 60/2 RS Bp brush

CV 60/2 RS Bp brush-type vacuum cleaner combines the manoeuvrability of walk-behind models with the area coverage of ride-on machines. The front wheel of this slimline vacuum cleaner with power brush turns through 90°, so it has an ultra-tight turning ... Read More »

Alkaline Power Cleaner for Kitchens

Cleaning a kitchen platform is no doubt a challenge and at the same time essential to avoid contamination and food poisoning. It is said that 80% of diseases occur due to dirty kitchen platforms. The oil used for cooking creates ... Read More »

Galileo Aluminum Microfiber Dust Mops

Galileo Aluminum Microfiber Dust Mops consist of very manoeuvrable flat rectangular frame. A microfiber pad is attached to the mop head with Velcro and a lightweight aluminum handle. The Dust Mop set comes in 3 sizes – 40cm, 60cm and ... Read More »

CS 60 Hybrid

A sweeping machine for indoor and outdoor cleaning offering productivity and versatility with hybrid technology. The hybrid system combines a gasoline motor with low resistance batteries allowing to work for 7.5 hours non-stop. CS60 is powered by gasoline motor. It ... Read More »

HD 18/50-4 Cage

The ultra-high-pressure cleaner HD 18/50-4 Cage delivers uncompromising cleaning power for removing stubborn dirt over large areas. The powerful and compact HD 18/50-4 Cage is ideal for the building trade and industry, mining, transportation and service providers. Typical applications, for ... Read More »

AFG 100 Air Purifier

The new AFG 100 air purifier from Kärcher removes airborne pollutants, viruses and bacteria. The unit cleans indoor air more effectively compared to HEPA filter systems. The central module is a plasma generator. The air flows through the plasma generated ... Read More »

ARCORA International GmbH

Universal Cotton Mop Due to the special tufting procedure the mop slides easily over floors for a fatigue-free cleaning in buildings, industry and public areas. The universal cotton mop evinces a good price-performance ratio and a very good cleaning result ... Read More »

The Smart Care Trio

The Smart Care Trio is the perfect carpet cleaning system for facilities with large modern-day carpets laid at Airports, corporate offices, convention centres, cinema halls etc. This three-cylindrical brush machine agitates and lifts carpet piles in one quick pass. Best ... Read More »

Dry Cleaning

Quick Clean Pvt Ltd’s new Lagoon Absolute Set is the ideal replacement for dry cleaning in the lagoon advanced care range. Read More »


The KM 120/250 R Classic is Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd’s new entry class Industrial sweeper for cleaning rough and heavy dirt as well as extremely dusty areas. The KM 120/250 R Classic has a big pocket filter (6.0 m²) ... Read More »

Car Wash & Parking

Lee Grand Auto System Co. has a range of car care products Tunnel Car Wash System is a completely European concept which has been introduced in India. It consumes less power consumption, with low maintenance and operating cost, and highest ... Read More »

Vaccum Cleaner

The Karcher Professional vacuum cleaner WVP 10 is a battery driven light weight wet vacuum cleaner for all flat surfaces, characterized by its robust design and its powerful performance. The WVP 10 is not only a window cleaner, because it ... Read More »

Vegetable Sanitizer

Food poisoning is alarmingly common in the modern world. Contaminated with bacteria, viruses and toxins, the symptoms can be very unpleasant, ranging from mild stomach upset to long term health problems and even death in rare cases. However, contamination can ... Read More »

Cleaning Chemicals

Pulizia Industries Pvt Ltd’s is suitable to remove and clean hard water stains on glass or any other surfaces. Application Apply undiluted formulation on the surface/glass area which is spoiled by hard water stains. Leave it for 5-15 minutes depending ... Read More »

Escalator/Travelator Cleaner

Roots Multiclean Ltd is introducing indigenously designed Escalator/ Travelator Cleaner – RootsScrub E4550 ES. Presence of Oil, Grease, Deposits, Sand particles etc in the escalator steps gives poor appeal and develops scratches. Specially designed counter rotating cylindrical brushes removes all ... Read More »


Filmop International Srl’s Alpha TopDown is a strong, tough, ergonomic, easy to move and clean addition to the mopping section. Specifications • Size: 120x58x114 cm • Weight: 28 kg • Material: Recycled polypropylene Features The mopping section is equipped with ... Read More »

Dirt Blower & vacuum cleaner

Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd has expanded its product range for commercial operators by introducing a handy new machine Dirt Blower LB 850 Bp which has a lithium-ion battery allowing ergonomic operation with low operating costs and is also ecofriendly. ... Read More »

RENSLIGHET®) Stain Remover (SLR)

It is a hard stain remover suitable for Industrial & domestic uses. It is helpful in removing stain, rust and scales from floors, tiles, and ceramics, steel and glass surfaces. It is also a fast acting solution for cleaning surface ... Read More »


Application Apply Renslighet Rock Clean unique formula on the undiluted liquid on surface/ area to be cleaned and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Brush properly and wipe with rough cloth. Wash the surface with clean water and let ... Read More »




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