Sunday , 31 May 2020
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Bed Bug Blocking Mattress Encasements

UK based ‘CleanRest’ Pro mattress encasements offer professional grade protection from stains, spills and other accidents that can permanently damage a clean fresh sleep surface. The MicroPlush top fabric surface with MicronOne technology are loaded with the features of waterproof ... Read More »

ToolBox, Telescopic handle and Connector System

UK-based VERMOP’s Scandic X system has flexible attachments that suits all kinds of floor and surface cleaning. Its telescopic handle can be adjusted simply to various working heights. Compactly retracted, it is stored tidily in the toolbox. With the unique ... Read More »


The best part about getting a professional drain cleaning company on board is that they are available for you when you need them. They are fully equipped with the right inspection and cleaning tools, with the right technology and the ... Read More »

Drain Clog in Food Facilities

In a food processing plant or for that matter any food facility like a cafeteria, one of the main areas of concern is the clogging of the floor drain system. Despite the continuous and increased efforts to reduce the growth ... Read More »

BackPack System

As an effective electrostatic disinfectant application system that delivers safer surfaces, lowers costs and keeps people healthier, Texas based E-Mist Innovations recently launched the BackPack System – a new, mobile cordless electrostatic application system. E-Mist uses proprietary adaptations of electrostatic ... Read More »

Scrubber Drier

The Nilfisk India Pvt ltd’s SC100 is a small scrubber drier for in-depth cleaning of narrow areas. Compared to the manual solution of mop and bucket, this compact upright machine gets the job done faster, offering a superior cleaning performance. ... Read More »

Auto Dosing System & Cleaner

Marketed by Saffron Equipment in India, Tana-Green Care’s QUICK & EASY is a portable mobile and automatic dosing system. Incorporating efficiency, sustainability and ergonomics, the new QUICK & EASY system is the ideal challenge solver for todays’ professional cleaning industry. With ... Read More »

UV-A Tester

The Gujarat based Hygiene Solutions offers Alcochem’s UV-A tester, a tiny and beautifully designed aluminium body device to measure and analyse the UV-A light from UV lamps. This is an extremely economical and handy device that gets connected to the ... Read More »

Scrubber Drier

At Clean India Pulire 2016, Mumbai, Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd launched one of its highly malleable scrubber drier, BD 43/40 C EP with disc technology. The machine is very affordable with high-quality features like impressive working width of 43cm, ... Read More »

Floor Grinder

Surie Polex’s floor grinder machine HSG-300 has high speed grinding power because of its two heads and a positive gear drive. Available in single & three phase 5hp motor with frequency control drive, it has very high productivity on marble ... Read More »

Floor Chemicals

Quartz Home Care (India) P Ltd’s WIZARD is a quality floor cleaner that instantly cleans and cuts dirt and grease effectively leaving the surface germ-free and fresh. FEATURES • A superlative & powerful formulation to remove dirt, grime and oily ... Read More »

No touch washroom cleaning

Charnock Equipment Pvt. Ltd introduces Foamtec, a stop solution for washroom cleaning and sanitization. Foamtec is a 3-in-1 machine that can be used for foaming, washing and vacuuming the entire washroom with the turn of the switch. The machine uses ... Read More »

Urinal Cleaner

Spotless bathroom and urinal cleaner from Care Enviro Solutions contains non-hazardous bacteria in surfactant, which helps in removing lime scale deposit and other dirt. FEATURES Easy to use on urinals Powerful, non-toxic formula leaves your bathroom sparkling clean & delightfully ... Read More »

Laundry Solution for Hospitals

There is an essential difference between visibly clean and hygienically clean. Electrolux’s Professional Line 5000  supplied by Delhi-based Quick Clean in India, meets the hospital’s stringent quality control requirement of both visibly and hygienically clean linen. FEATURES Highest productivity in ... Read More »

AMF Solutions for Healthcare

Different areas and activities in healthcare facilities have different acoustic requirement. A corridor will require a different acoustic treatment to a patients’ room or operating theatre. IN KEEPING with the need for individual solutions in healthcare centers, Knauf AMF Ceilings ... Read More »

Cannon Hygiene introduces Cannon Drainoscopy

The constant build of scale, unsightly stains and uric salts mainly in urinal and in the water closets, which ultimately lead to blockages and foul odour becomes a challenge to address. Cannon Drainoscopy is an inspection system to quickly detect ... Read More »


Professionally formulated automatic dish washing liquid, Trends ADW provides chemical energy to remove food soils from all type of cooking and serving items. It also softens water to prevent insoluble deposits, loosen and hold soil in suspension, leaving items clean ... Read More »

PCI- Termiseal-G

Pest Control giant PCI Pvt Ltd launches Termiseal-G,a unique biological formulation that specifically targets subterranean termites and other soft-bodied insect pests present in the soil. The product can be used in lawns, gardens and around trees; can also be used ... Read More »

Astol launches litter Picker

At Waste Technology India Expo-Clean India Technology Week Astol launched Litter Picker IV 200/10P Vacuum that is specifically designed for collecting voluminous waste in matter of seconds. The indigenous product is self-independent power powerful Honda petrol engine for drive turbo ... Read More »

Charnock – MidMop System

MidMop MMT 1616 The MidMop MMT 1616 with a mop press in the middle provides full and generous access to both 16-litre mop buckets and patented internal water reservoir and directional discharge system. “The All mops press is well proven ... Read More »