Sunday , 31 May 2020
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Sealy’s Innovative Mattress

Sealy India, originally from Texas, is catering to the hospitality industry, with innovative mattress. Some of the proprietary technology features include the PostureTech ‘Sense & Respond’ Coil, ‘Triple Offset’ Design, UniCased Construction and Patented Edge Guard. PostureTech ‘Sense & Respond’ ... Read More »

Diamond Polishing Pads

ABRALUX diamond pads are the latest launch for floor maintenance professionals through a marketing collaboration between Soma Specialities Pvt Ltd, India and Diafil, Italy. The Abralux pads are used to grind, clean, maintain and polish all types of floors in ... Read More »

Scrubbing, Shampooing, Polishing Machines

The CYCLON SUPER-4 from Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd. is a 4-speed single disc scrubbing machine which makes it a unique and versatile machine for all applications relating to floor maintenance jobs, floor restoration of marble & granite and carpet shampooing ... Read More »

Multi Steam Vac Machine

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd has introduced New Steamy which combines steam cleaning and detergent spraying functions. New Steamy is enabled with multiple cleaning systems — clean with steam only, water only, steam and water, and steam and detergent. To ... Read More »

The washroom has just imagined more!

A design revolution has come to the washroom! Cannon Hygiene has launched its new washroom range – Imagine. The range, designed by a leading Portuguese design company, took its inspiration from the triangle in Cannon Hygiene’s logo. It follows a ... Read More »

Manual Soap Dispenser

Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye free formulation and Green Seal approval. Actively eliminates 99% of germs. Battery lasts for three years meaning less impact on the environment. Choice of foam soap Standard Anti-bacterial Push rather than pull operation reduces the risk ... Read More »

Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Reduces risk of cross contamination from bacteria that live and breed on toilet seats Quick drying solution means the seat can be used immediately Can also be used on WC flush handle and door handles, giving the user extra reassurance ... Read More »

Shake & Wake Dispenser

Regular, measured dose of surfactant/disinfectant introduced into the system daily versus manual cleaning product once or twice a day Cleaning of surfaces (including underneath the rim of the toilet bowl) and additional benefit of drain maintenance, especially with urinals Product ... Read More »

Ask Dr Drain

Qualified and equipped with a team of technicians, Dr Drain is an expert at resolving all ailments related to the drain. Accessible over the phone at any time, Dr Drain offers services across the country. Dr Drain is the latest ... Read More »

Computer Management System

Mildata® computer network from Milnor, USA helps in meaningful management reports; central on-line programming; remote programming/reporting; streamline production by isolating wait times and helps reduce or eliminate downtime. Mildata Computer Network is linked to each machine in the laundry. The ... Read More »

Taski Fleet Management System

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division has launched a test drive program for Taski IntelliTrail®, a full-service, intelligent fleet management system that allows facility managers to remotely monitor their floor care machines with ease. IntelliTrail is part of Diversey Care’s expanding ... Read More »

Trouser Press

The new VEIT 8940 double legger trouser press from Veit, Germany is for any business with a high share of trouser pressing. Its easy handling and ergonomic operating are unique. After only a short introduction to the machine, the operator ... Read More »

Professional Laundry Dosing System

Wash Series from Seko, Italy, is a flexible and reliable chemical dosing system designed to offer customers easy, intelligent dosing with key features, including precise control and remote management, that helps drive operational efficiency and therefore profit. WashMaster Peristaltic Multi ... Read More »

The Plug & Foam Spray

Green care professional of Werner & Mertz, Germany, has introduced Safe & Hygienic solution “Quick & Easy”. The product is a low cost foam & spray it has increased productivity. Features: Automatic dilution activated by product application Full product utilization, ... Read More »

Drain Doctor goes to office

It seemed like a regular call, as Dr Drain approached the building of a multinational company housing 3,500 employees working in three shifts. Usually washrooms in such big offices get choked due to faulty preventive maintenance, overuse or abuse. Well, ... Read More »

Hand Hygiene

The XIBU XL senseFLUID from Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH is a dispenser for professional skin protection and hand hygiene (in accordance with PPE guidelines). The waterproof dispenser can also withstand heavy-duty use and is therefore ideally suited for use in ... Read More »

Scrubber Drier

One of the most robust battery/diesel operated heavy duty scrubber driers C 130 D/B from Commac India is suitable for the cleaning of large industrial and commercial areas, railway stations and airports. The machine has four counterrotating brushes to effectively ... Read More »

Connected Cleaning

Focusing on its digital range for building cleaning under the title of ‘Connected Cleaning’ Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd aims to merge two systems onto one platform, providing greater transparency of workflows and machine use. This gives the operator an ... Read More »

Hygiene Handle

Hampshire based Pure Hold Ltd has come up with Pure Hold Hygiene Handle, an intelligent hand sanitising system. When a person pulls the blue handle to open the door, sanitising alcohol hand gel is automatically released through the patented release ... Read More »

High Pressure Washer

Nilfisk introduces the MH 3M and MH 4M series which takes mid-range hot water high pressure washers to a new level, meeting the latest productivity demands in the market. As the powerful engines provide pump pressures of up to 220 ... Read More »